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cats and shoes

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Ok Limerick, my boyfriend's cats Kiki and Sara and his grandparant's cat Smokey all love to sniff and lay on shoes. Does anyone else have a cat that does that?? It's pretty funny and cute to watch. Does anyone know why they do it?
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My Dads persian loves shoes! As soon as dad gets in, he kicks off his shoes and the cat is there instantly! He lays on them and guards them until dad needs them again. He also likes laying on piles of shoes, must be incredibly uncomfortable sometimes!

My two like playing with laces, and often they'll stick their heads into the shoes to have a sniff, but they've no where near as obsessed as the persian!
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There's a 3 level shoe rack in the hall that also serves as a "cat condo".
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My mom's cat likes to stick her head inside my shoes after I take them off. As far as I know, she only does this with my shoes.
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Yeah...I think it's the smell they find intriguing.
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My cat Ullah loves shoes also. She especially likes to stick her head in my leather boots after I've taken them off.
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Yup, Phineas loves shoes, too - if I leave any lying out, he will sleep on them.
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Originally Posted by coaster
Yeah...I think it's the smell they find intriguing.
i agree....it's all about the stink factor i think a whiff of that gets them high LOL!!!
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Both my cat and my mom's cat are shoe sniffers.
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Lovey is but moreso with leather shoes.

As soon as they are taken off, he goes and lays on them.

I always thought it was the smell of his comforting human beings..and feet can be the smelliest
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Osiris is just starting his shoe thing . the one who does this the most is my boyfriends 3 yr old tortie poppy she has done this for along time i think she just likes her daddys smell
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Yarr! They're always arfter me yummy foot-stench! My cats love cramming their heads and as much of their bodies as possible into my shoes, and go nust over sandals when I come home. I believe it's partially foot-scent and partly curiosity about outdoor smells you've tracked inside.
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