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adopting a kitten.... need advice

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I am a college student and will be moving into a (pets allowed) apartment complex soon. I love the companionship of cats, and plan to adopt a kitten after I have settled in. of course, he/she will be strictly indoors and I have no other animals. however........
I travel to my parents house for holidays and wouldnt want to leave kitty behind! My parents have a dog (a lab who loves cats) and 3 kitties. Two of the kitties are rather aggressive males, and though I would make introductions with these guys and the baby monitored and gradual, I do not to create any friction between them and have any fight or disputes occur. My question is..... which would be the better sex kitten (who would probably be around 4 months old when s/he meets the boys) to get along with them when they meet?
Also, can you crate train a kitten like a puppy? I was planning on getting the biggest dog crate possible and having kitty identify this as her sleeping/eating area

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I would get a pet sitter and forget the trips home with kitty... My Zoey is kinda crate trained but she is an odd"duck"
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It CAN (not always) sometimes takes weeks or even months for cats to be introduced to other cats in a household so I don't hold great hopes of this being very successful for you for short visits to your parents.

If your parents had no other animals and you and kitty were visiting it would probably be easier. Even then, some cats get very stressed in cars and being in new places to the point of not using their litter and other stress related behaviour including not eating and drinking which then becomes health related and dangerous for the kitty.

I agree that you would be better off getting a pet sitter for the time you are away visiting your folks.
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The gender doesn't make any difference. In either case it's going to be a recipe for trouble. I agree with the previous posts ... arrange to leave your cat at home when you travel.
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