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Help my cat, please!!

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Hi all. I'm new to this site, and I'm hoping someone can help me. I've checked some of the behavior posts, but they don't apply to my problem.
I have had 2 cats for about 5 years. I had my son last July. The cats have been pretty good around him. They've been unsure of him, but they've been ok. About 5 weeks ago we took my scottish fold (Cosmo) in to get groomed for the first time. My husband and I just don't have time to brush him anymore. They gave him a bath, clipped his nails and brushed him. When we brought him home the other cat (Simon) FREAKED out!! He started hissing at him and growling. He hasn't been the same since. He's even batting at my son now. Both cats have their claws so this is not a good situation. The cat that got groomed has a scratch under his eye, and I'm sure it's from the other cat. They used to get along. We had Cosmo for about a year longer than Simon, but Simon is definately the dominant one. Cosmo is a scottish fold like I said, and he's very easy going. My husband thinks we have to get rid of Simon because he has become so aggressive, but I feel like we have a responsibility to try to make it better. Someone at the groomers said that I should rub both cats with a dryer sheet, but (1) I thought those were poisonous to cats, and (2) I only have unscented dryer sheets! Does anyone know what's going on?? 'cuz I don't know what to do...
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My guess is that the other cat - Simon - did not recognize the Scoittish Fold when you brought (her/him? ) home. Cats determine almst everything by their sense of smell and they recognize you by your scent. Clearly, the new scents from the groomers led the other kitty to not recognize his old friend. This usually happens when one cat will go to a vet - but your situation shows it can happen at many places.

You will have to reintroduce these two if they never met before and follow the best rules for that - there is likely a section on this site explaining it. Theldintro will have to be done slowly and you should exchange some of their things (blankets with smells, etc) so that they get to know each other all over again.

I am at a loss to understand how that impacts the baby except he is a newcomer and Simon was upset with losing his old friend and finding a new cat around?? You will have to supervise the cats and the baby but that is soemthing you were doing anyway I'm sure!

Good luck!
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You do not need to separate these cats- the shampoo and handling of your groomed cat left unfamiliar scents on Cosmo, making him seem like an entirely new cat, and therefore he is now the enemy.

You can neutralize the scent by using vanilla extract several times a day on both cats. You want to put a small dab under their chins, on their neck and the base of their tail. This will allow them to smell the same, thus taking away the threat. Simon is in full attack mode so right now his stress level is up, he is wondering where Cosmos went-so anyone in his area that messes with him is liable to get scratched or bit.

Keep up the vanilla extract tip for at least 24 hours and good luck-
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Originally Posted by hissy
Keep up the vanilla extract tip for at least 24 hours and good luck-
I'm moving home in a few weeks and that means Limerick will have to deal with my sister's cat Able. Limerick is scared of him and hisses anytime Able gets near. Will this vanilla thing work for two cats that really never got along in the first place??
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Not if you put the two cats together right away, but after they have acclimated to each other's presence for a week or two and you put them together for the first time, yes it will help.
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Thanks for the advice. It's weird because sometimes Simon will go and sniff Cosmo, and he won't hiss. But, Cosmo is on guard now, and he'll meow at Simon weird...THEN Simon hisses. BTW, Cosmo is also a male cat. I will post how the vanilla works!
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I've experienced a similar situation with my cats. I took Cleo to the vet for an injury and did not think to take Alex along as well. When I brought Cleo home Alex hissed and growled at her, and even hissed at me once. Alex is usually a very affectionate kitty. He and Cleo are littermates and had a great relationship prior to this incident. The vet told me to rub a towel on Cleo, and then rub it on Alex and vice versa. This would exchange their scents so that Cleo would seem more familiar to Alex. Cats recognize each other based on scent, not visual information, so Alex thought Cleo was a new kitty. It took a couple of days to get them reacclimated. I engaged them both in play activities together and that seem to move the process along. At least now I know how Alex will respond if we ever get a third cat. Having a new baby in the family may be impacting his stress level as well. To him, the baby is another newcomer to the household - one that is getting all of your attention. My brother and sister-in-law just had a new baby and their kitty is still getting used to the situation, and this is her third child. It's upsetting to see your kitty stressed out and behaving agressively but with patience things will go back to normal.
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