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Basic Kitty Manners

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My Cheeto has terrible manners about everything, and I'm unsure on how to teach her to behave. She races out the apartment door into the hallway (thank goodness it's not a door to outside!), jumps on the counter, won't stay away when I'm eating, and gets excited and bites and scratches. I know lots of this is from being a kitten and everything is new and exciting for her, but I'd like to teach her some basic rules around the house. How do I start????
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what u definantly dont want to do is punish her in any shape or form. Yelling is also cruel because cats have very sensitive ears. are u feeding her enough? if my kitten is hungry he will jump on counters, come to me when im eating. now that I upped his daily food he doesnt those things anymore. someone else can probably give you better advice on training, i personaly let my cats do whatever they want. (except go outside, hehe)
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I think it's an excercise in frustration with a kitten. But if you work patiently and persistently, I think in due time as the kitten gets older and gets to know your routine and your preferences, it will adapt. To give one example, I allow my cats access to countertop and kitchen table. It just wasn't worth the hastle trying to keep them off. HOWEVER, I don't allow them up there when I'm preparing food, or on the table when I'm eating food. The way they learned is that I shoved them off every single time they jumped up there. (Obviously I can't do that with the countertop/table 24/7.) So they learned it was pointless to jump up when I was making food or eating food, because they would just get shoved off. So now, they don't do it anymore. But the second I finish eating and get up from the table, they jump up. So, this is something that they learned from ceaseless repetition. And just to give you an idea of how long, it took over two months.
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