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Eyes To Die For.. (Attn:Siamese Lovers!)

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Yay! I finally got a few good pictures of Skyler-it is sooo hard to get a good picture of this handsome little boy. The ONLY way to avoid the glowing red eyes is to capture him outside. And that's the easy part!

Today's favorite-finally standing still!
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He has beautiful eyes. Too many Siamese these days have eyes that are too light. Those are stunning.
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Wow, that color is amazing!!!!
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His eyes are just beautiful!!!
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WOW!! Skyler's eyes are amazing!
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He is really shy about his eyes, too. Very rarely does he look directly at me, or the camera. Maybe for a fleeting instant.
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Awwww... what a stunning boy Skyler is!
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Great eyes!!!!!
The same color as my daughter (with her blue contacts in)
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Your right! Skyler's eyes ARE to die for! Gorgeous!

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WOW!!! That is amazing...
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Beautiful eyes!!! Beautiful cat all together!!!
Thank you so much for sharing!!

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I love his eyes!!
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What a handsome kitty his eyes are beautiful
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Very handsome boy!
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He is gorgeous. Siamese ROCK!
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Wow! What beautiful eyes he has got. He's a very handsome boy!
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I'll repeat what everyone else has said: he is GORGEOUS! The eyes have it
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They're like little aquamarine jewels, only BLUER!!!! Very beautiful cat~
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Those really are eyes to die for!
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so pwetty
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OMG!!!! I´m speechless....
I want to give to him a big hug!! ...
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gorgeous eyes gorgeous kitty!
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Great great eyes... Just like my birthstone sapphire!!!!!!!!!!!!
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