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Recently spayed cat "nursing" kittens

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Roxie was spayed a week ago, she has never been pregnant, but today she started letting the foster kittens nurse and grooms them like a mama cat, I have no idea if they are actually getting milk, has anyone else seen this? Thanks!
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I've witnessed male cats doing this. If the kittens suckle long enough, they will stimulate the cat to provide milk, but I have never found any information on whether it has the proper nutricianal value for the kittens. And yes, male cats can be stimulated to lactate as well as females.
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Yes. We had an adult spayed female cat at the time we got a 10 week old kitten, and the kitten tried to "nurse" our adult female for the first few days. The adult never produced milk though. She also groomed her and slept with her. Everyone thought they were mother and daughter. They still groom one another and sleep together four years later.

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my kitten tried nursing on my male cat for a few days after we first got him, altough nothing ever came out. maybe it was because our resident cat groomed the little one almost non-stop for the first few days and made the kitten think that he was his mommy?
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When I got my dog as a puppy, my then 10 year-old dog started nursing him too... At every opportunity he had, he was there sucking on her (she died of cancer at 13, he was 3 at the time, and was still doing that!)
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We had a male foster that was very motherly to all the kittens. He bathed them and cuddled them and the younger ones tried to nurse on him.
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