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New Orpahned Kitten, Help and Advise Needed

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On Sat. July the 9th morning I discovered under my truck 5 newborn kittens. They were abdoned by the mother cat. (I did place them in a box in the same area so the mom could come to them but she never did that day). They were very small and chilled when I got them. I took them and warmed them and built a den and went immediately and bought kitten formula. Sorry to say 4 of them died the first day. I still have one that seems to be doing well and am currently tube feeding it. Its very small, I started weighing it on Tuesday and it only weighed 1.8 oz. as of this morning he only weighs 2.0 ounces. I am feeding 1.25 cc of kitten formula evry two hours by tube as I cannot get it to take a bottle or anything else. I took it to the vet yesterday and they told me it looked fine and to continue what I was doing. But my question is should it not be gaining more weight by now? Also I get it to pottie most of the time after every feeding but it seems it may be slightly constipated, any suggestions or tips on how to know for sure? Should I be doing anything differently? I do think it was just born on that Saturday as it still has not lost the cord yet. Its very active and suckles allot when handling, it also meows or whatever you may call it at this age when handled. My wife has really grown attached to this small wonder and I want to do what I can to insure it survives. We also have to adult cats in the house but I am keeping the small one far away. Suggestions and encouragement will be appreciated.

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Hi Mark! Someone will be along shortly with better advice. Do you know anyone who has a mom cat that has recently had babies? If so maybe you can place this one in there and see if the momma cat will adopt it. If you don't know anyone, maybe you could call a shelter and see if they have any new momma's (I'm sure they do) and maybe they could foster the little one for you. All I can say is make sure it is warm at all times and rub its privates often with a damp cotton ball to try to get it to go potty. Constipation that young is NOT a good thing and could kill it quickly. It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job, Mark. Good luck to you and God bless you for helping the little ones.

Please keep us updated!
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Yeah I tried to find someone in the area to help and was unsuccesful. I really do not mind taking care of the kitten but I just want to make sure I do it right. I just cannot believ how small it is and also how squirmish it can be when feeding. For something so small it sure has the energy.

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This link from Gaye has lots of info.

She will be along soon to post more, I'm sure. Best of luck with your baby!
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It's not unusuall for such small kittens to not have bowel movements for 2-3days.

Have you tried different nipples on the bottles? I had to try several before I found one that mine agreed to use and then I still had to shove it in the boys mouth and force it to stay there for several seconds before he started to suckle on it (sounds a lot harsher then it was - he was just to exited to understand what to do)
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Yeah we have tried 4 or 5 different nipples and no good so far. I do not mind the tube feeding until it gets able to take the bottle. I just want to make sure I give enough and get the weight up. It had three bowel movements yesterday but very small ones, so that part looks better. Now just to get the weight a climbing and the kitten thriving

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you're doing great, Mark!!! Please continue to keep us updated! I'm pulling for the little one!!!
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Well the little booger sure is a handful to be so small He has gained up to 2.2 oz. as of this morning. So he is slowly gaining. He looks healthy if activity shows signs of that. I do need you guys to advise me on whether I am feeding enough or should I be doing anything different. Also what have you guys used to put in the kitty den to keep them warm? I just want to give this small miracle a great fighting chance. I can tell you one thing though, raising a small newborn kitten is tough. I am not sure I have stressed as much with anything else as I have with PeeWee I think I may call him, if its a boy I still cannot tell for sure. I will also try and get pics up soon. Hey another question his cord has still not fell off, should I be concerned?

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I would stimulate this baby before and after feeding. I would also add either some pedialyte or more water to the feeding to help things along, because formula tends to stop up baby kittens sometimes. His cord will fall off soon, for now unless it looks infected, leave it be. I am sad for his littermates not making it, but hypothermia is a danger to many kittens and they just don't ever recover.
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I was in the same situation as yourself and please know, there is hope!! I know it can be draining with the round-the-clock every 2-hour feedings but hang-in there, it will become easier as the little one gets stronger & older.

I had a litter of 4 and only 2 made it. The next litter was also 4 and again, 2 made it. All the little babies that made it are now happy, healthy and thriving in their new homes...I did end-up keeping 2

I kept the little ones in a very large cardboard box lined with towels. I put a small stuffed animal in there for them to give a bit of security...like mother cat. Also, I put a smaller box within the larger box...something like a shoebox, also lined with a towel and another towel draped over it hanging 1/2 way-down. They would go in the small box and snuggle-up with the stuffed animal. With the towel draped and hanging, it also gave them a sense of security. Kittens & cats love boxes. As they got larger, I made some cut-out holes in the box like little windows so they could see their surroundings.

As far as the feedings go...keep introducing that bottle; eventually your little one will latch-on. There are many guides online to assist with how much and when. Honestly, I really didn't follow any guide. I fed them every 2-hours for about 2-weeks...then around every 4-hours for 2 weeks...gradually spreading it out. They were eventually weaned around 8-weeks. As far as how much, again, I didn't follow a guide. I fed until they turned their heads away and their bellies felt hard.

I wish you the best with your little one. I know it is not easy but it is soooo worth the effort. My feeling is you are going to fall in love Not easy to give up a bottle-fed baby.
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Thanks for all the rplies and good wishes. Today PeeWee turned one week old. It only weighs 2.35 ounces which is up from the 1.8 oz as of this past tuesday. The most amazing thing happened today though. Finally got him to take some formula with a eye dropper And he started purring................... I would never had thought something so small could make such a wonderful sound. Just wanted to update everyone and please keep giving me advise.......

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I just read your posts! Bless you for taking such good care of this baby!

I am sorry to hear about the other four.

I dont have any advice for you. There are many more people on here that are better suited for that. I just wanted to say I am thinking and praying gor the kitten. I hope everything turns out okay. I look foward to updates!
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