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i voted occasionally, because i bathed my cat once... when i brought him home from the pound. wow, did he stink! its been a few years now and another bath has not been necessary.
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Oliver gets a monthly bath... even though he's preening and grooming for 2 of the 4 hours of each day that he's actually awake! He's definitely a shedder and the bathing helps a lot... he also doesn't mind it in the slightest so it's not a big ordeal
Also, his light orange feet get a grey litter tinge to them by the end of the month even though he's always cleaning his feet, so the suds help to get rid of that too
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How often do I bathe them? You've got to be kidding!

I'm somewhat allergic to cats. My stepdaughter, who visits occasionally, is extremely allergic. I got by with taking Red Cat to the assistant at the vet's office who bathed him twice in his first five years, but he had to be tranquilized. The new vet's assistant doesn't bath cats, so I took him two years ago to a local groomer. He went ballistic, scratched her, and she told me never to bring him back. He hasn't had a bath since.

I got Sheba last September, and she produces more allergens than the other two put together. So I've been taking her monthly to a different groomer to be bathed. I now take Purdy every two months.
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I can't say I've tried, and I'm not intending to! Max likes water, he'll paddle in a water filled litter tray and stick his paw in his drinking water. Alfie hates water, if he even gets his feet wet he runs a mile!
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I give him one twice a month..even though he's indoor cat he still stinks..
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Dax only gets a bath when she has been hanging out under the cars in the parking lot too much - One of them has a oil leak and sometimes she comes inside with a greasy back. She gets a quick bath, I get some quick scratches and everyone finishes happy.
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Here's a little tip if you've got a cat that you have GOT to bathe for whatever reason and it's seldom if ever been bathed before. For teeth you're on your own but this works for claws --- masking tape. Get some 2" masking tape and double it over the ends of their paws (this may take two people also.) I used to do this with my mum's insane cat which she wanted bathed because he was an inside/outside kitty and would get absolutely infested with fleas (this was before Advantage/Frontline.) I found that the tape would usually stay on in the water at least long enough for me to dunk and bathe the cat without getting ripped to pieces. Fortunately he wasn't a biter, though.

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I have two persian longhair show babies. I bath them both once a week. One with Elylpse shampoo, then one Elypse rinse, and then "Integrity" spray after the rinse and on the wet hair for detangling. I use a two-step drying process (because they are still young), which is in the crate for 20 minutes with warm air forced in, and the second step is a light slicking out of the hair while I blow dry the rest, careful not to pull out the fur but just lift it. Once a day I comb through and clean the eyes and then put powder under the eyes to prevent staining. If they need it, I bath the face with a hot face cloth (which they love) because the natural oils in their fur makes it like a steam cleaning. However, all Persian long hairs should be bathed at least once a month if not a show baby, and once to twice a week if they are show babies. Short Hair cats, show or not, need much less attention.

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i've never tried to bathe Juicy...i don't think he'll like it very much. Plus, he stays very clean all by himself!
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every once in a while. my cat sapphie hates water! she cries whenever she even hears water running.
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I give Cupid a bath once a week. He gets dirty due to not having fur to absorb oils. He's never really minded baths. He does meow sometimes, but if the water's nice & warm, I think he kind of enjoys it.
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in exceedingly hot weather I will put gibby in the bath (he doesn't mind it and will sort of hang out there for a few minutes I think the water helps him cool off.)
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Landon use to get baths until he got so big at 29lbs its kinda of hard now, Kendall is a very clean Cat she gets a bath oinly if she runs into one of my kids lolipops and the lolipop is stuck to her hair she will get a bath then
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When Simon was a wee guy, he got bathed often because he kept getting into rolling in the litter, the garbage can getting toppled onto him (he swears it wasn't his fault...), using the liquid soap dispenser for a soccer ball, or when he got stuck in the dryer vent.

But since he was about 4 months old, I haven't had to bathe him at all. The others seem fine without one, although Esse tends to need help shedding (but I brush her frequently).

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I tried to bathe each of them once, just to get used to the sensation should they ever escape or get into something and need to be bathed, but it was not pleasant for any of the involved parties. God help me should I ever need to give either of them a bath.

They are indoor-only DSH's, and it almost goes without saying that they don't show, so it's not really a huge necessity.
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I take Ellie to the groomer every 6 weeks (along with her big brother Sammy, golden retriever). She has a bath and gets furminated (shedding treatment). I brought home Smokey about 3 weeks ago and the breeder gave him a bath before he came home. I will take him with Ellie to the groomer next time but he will not have the shedding treatment done.

For those of you who don't know what furminated is here is a link.
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I don't bathe Maya. She is an indoor cat, is very clean on her own. She did jump in the bathtub once, while I was taking a bubble bath, the faucet was dripping, and I guess she didn't know how deep the water was. Her jump came out of nowhere too! as quickly as she got in the water, she got out with the same speed. Didn't look too happy, and was angry all afternoon didn't even come near me. So unless I really really have to give her a bath, I pass on it and let her be.
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I don't bathe Oscar. He is indoor all the time. He may have had one bath since I've had him. But he keeps himself clean anyways.
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I would be taking my life into my own hands, if I even tried bathing any of my cats!

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Originally Posted by MissCharlotte
I don't bathe my cats because they do a fine job grooming themselves.

Me neither. They are forever bathing themselves and each other. No need for me to do it.
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we bathed marsh when he was young, but i haven't touched him for at least a year (he's two now).
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Hmmm, well, I bought some kitty shampoo yesterday at Petsmart, and gave everyone a bath yesterday afternoon - it went quite well, actually - Henry and Phineas both just stood there, and Meeko and Esmeralda struggled a bit so that I had to hold them down a little, but they didn't try to scratch me or anything. I was amazed at the huge amount of hair that came off of them - I brush them a few times a week at least, and that gets a lot of hair, but nothing like this amount! They look and smell really nice now, as well, and their fur is softer than usual - I am thinking I will start doing this once a month-ish!
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I bathed my cat once, and I was prepared for all out war, but surprisingly, she just kinda sat in the tub full of water and gave a pitiful meow once every now and then. But I think she started to have a dandruff problem afterwards so I never gave her a bath since.

Now I just give her a good brushing with her zoomgroom brush, then with the cat slicker, and then I rub her down with a damp towel. Oh, and dandruff went away too, well... mostly.
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I had to bathe Persil yesterday - she came in looking like a white cat with black spots! I got all the marks off bar one - she still has a black mark on her choulder, that nothing will take out.
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I don't bathe my cats and not planning to unless they get fleas. Then I would either do it myself or take them to the petco grooming or something.
Instead, I use the damp bathing disposable towels you can get at pet stores.
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I never bath my cats...I am scared of there
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Before this week, I have never bathed a cat - we've always had indoor cats who do a great job keeping themselves clean. Then along came my Callie...

Callie has been with us now for 3 weeks (she's a little over 3 month's old). This week we switched her food from what she had at the shelter (Humane Society), and despite doing it really slowly she still got diarrhea. The vet said she should get over it pretty quickly so we weren't worried.

On Wednesday we took her to the vet for the last of her booster shots. On the way down the elevator of our apartment she went potty (#2) in her carrier. No problem, we stopped by the dumpster and took out the liner we had in the carrier, and we were back on our way within seconds.

After the vet appointment we were on our way back in the car and she had another stinky accident in her carrier (must be really uncontrollable diarrhea as I've never known a cat to go potty in a small confined space such as a carrier). In the 2 more minutes it took to get home and pull up to the dumpster area for an unplanned cleanup, she managed to get in all over herself... and I mean head to toe covered in poop! I could not believe my eyes (or my nose... as I have never smelled something that bad in my life. I have a really sensitive nose so this was killing me and I couldn't stop gagging). So we took off to Petsmart to get supplies for an unplanned bath. Let me tell you, as if the evening wasn't already bad enough... bathing Callie was just awful... it sounded like I was torturing cats in my apartment (neighbors came knocking), my husband and I are covered in scratches, and we're all traumatized!

We realized afterwards we should have left her at Petsmart for a bath!
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One of my previous cats got poo on her tummy once, so she got put in the bath and i showered her back end, and that was bad enough thanks!! I do try and wipe my cats down with a damp flannel as they are oldies, but since Ginger got mats in his fur he has hated being brused!!
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Originally Posted by CrAzYbAsH
I never bath my cats...I am scared of there

Its good to bath your cats. Dont worry bout your cats claws unles you hold it under the running water spout just make sure when you do bath her make sure you use shampoo designed for cat you dont want to dry them out or anything like that.!
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I only bathe a cat once a year in June when its warmer just to get rid of the winter itch and coat. Taffy doesn't like it as she jumped out of the bathtub three times and soaked the floor. It was so funny. I think I got the bath.
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