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Kittens and dealing with the heat

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Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep my kittens cool? They start panting after only a little play and I want to make them as comfortable as possible while they are staying with me.


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Could you put a fan in there?

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I have a fan both in the bathroom and the bedroom (the two rooms in which they live). They just always seem sprawled on the bathroom tile and I was hoping to find some way to make it even cooler for them. It isn't too hot but, then again, I am not wearing a fur coat. I just want to make them as comfortable as I can. We are having a bit of a heat wave this summer and I want to make it easier on them.


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I have a kitten litter tray half filled with cold water in the kitchen, Max likes to paddle in it and it cools his feet down nicely!! I also drop ice cubes in there sometimes and he chases them about too.

Try wetting a cloth and stroking them with it, it will wet their fur and the breeze from the fan will cool them off a bit. They may not like it at first, but will soon learn that it feels good.

I've heard the suggestion that if you fill a 2 litre bottle with water, freeze it, and wrap it in a towel it provides a nice cold spot for them to lie on/next to.
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someone mentioned that marble chopping boards stay cool
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I like the ideas already suggested - ice cubes in their water bowls = fun and cool water. My gang likes to hang out in the bathtub so we leave the spare bathroom open for them. They also like the cool tiles by the front door... and if they're stuck upstairs (in case the maintenance men come by) we like to put a fan on.

Mostly it's things that you would like if you were hot... just catered to them.
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Our house is built on a slab of concrete rather than over a basement. We noticed that under furniture or rugs it stays cooler than the rest of the floor. On really hot days (which is every day recently) I move things around so there is a new cool spot.

My kittens are in the playroom, so I am moving a large rubbermaid tub of toys back and forth every day. I also have stacks of plastic drawers full of toys. On alternating days I pull a different bottom drawer all the way out, and the kitties crawl in! I do the same thing with a big chair in the front room for the other cats and dog.

There is also a fan in the kitten room which often runs all day and is turned off at night if it cools down.
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I put ice cubes in water and also the basement is cooler. The ac is on as well - that said, hot here is maybe 25C, nothing like the 98F my parents have seen inm Fla! But it can get there on occasion here.
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Buy a large rubber container with low sides, put the container on a low table with a block of ice inside the container- set up you fan to blow the air over the ice to cool the air- once the ice block melts, set it on the floor for your cats and other animals to enjoy-

You can also give them a large container of organic potting soil because dirt remains cool unless exposed to direct sunlight- but bear in mind they will probably use this as a potty spot as well.
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