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Anybody out there handy around the house?

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Ok, gang, how tough a job is it to replace the tank workings of the toilet? I think mine have seen better days.

Prior to home ownership, my idea of being handy around the house was to call up apartment maintenance.

However, in the past 6 months, I have jury-rigged a couple of things with success and installed a ceiling light fixture that actually works and is still in the ceiling at this writing.

Is the replacement of the toilet guts an easy enough task?
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Oh shoot I read that wrong! haha, it's easy, just get the float and it'll have the directions right in there

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Not the whole tank itself, Cat. Just the whole flush mechanism. I'd describe it if I knew what the parts were called.

Basically, the thing that looks like a soup can on a pole, is sticking at the end of the flush cycle, so the toilet keeps running.

I don't have the traditional ball-float set-up, I have the other funky thing instead.

Sorry if all this technical jargon is too complex for all you lay-people.
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Sorry - I have trouble with changing light bulbs!:tounge2: . However, my husband just replaced the "toilet guts" & one thing he made sure of was to turn off the water at the base of the toilet. The last thing you want is a gusher.
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Well, ady, it would motivate me into giving the floor a thorough mopping.
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Okay, I know what you're talking about hon...that's really easy, just go to Home Depot or Lowe's; they're pre-packaged and you can follow the instructions. Also, the people that work in the store can show you exactly how it's put on too. Just ask them I've done that before with other plumbing stuff...I hate plumbing! haha!
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This isn't a big deal anymore. You can buy complete assemblys from most building supply places. Just be sure you shut the water supply line off first. That's the little pipe leading into the bottom of the tank. It usually has an on-off valve on it. If you want to replace that line too,you have to shut the water off further down the line. At the top of that pipe there will be a nut(usually 5/8,11/16 or 3/4)that will require a wrench to loosen. Turn counter-clockwise to loosen,clockwise to tighten. Now flush the toilet and empty the tank or you're gonna get wet!! On the bottom of the tank again you will see a larger nut which holds the assembly in place. A pair of slip-joint pliers will do for this. Remove the nut and lift the assembly out of the tank. Dry and clean the area around the hole..dirt here will make a leak. Now simply set the new assembly in place,making sure the supplied gasket is between the new assembly and the tank surface. Reach under the tank and start the new nut onto the threads;be careful here..the threads are plastic and easy to strip. Once the nut is started well tighten it up SNUG..don't get rugged with it. That should have the assembly firmly in place. Now you hook up the supply line again..careful of the threads again. When everything's tight pour some water in the tank to check for leaks. Now GENTLY turn on the tap on your supply line and look for leaks again. Tighten nuts as required. You should be ready to fill the tank and make sure the float is working right. If everything's ok..give yourself a treat,you have just become HANDY!!!

BTW.. you can upgrade the assembly doing this..I put in one with a built-in float and did away with that rotton arm.

Have fun...
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Is the arm the thing with the ball? 'Cause I don't have the arm and ball. I think maybe I do have the upgrade, but it's malfunctioning anyway. I agree, though, the arm and ball rig is the worst. I snapped more than a few of those arms in half in my time. Think I'll go with what's in there: the soup can assembly.
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Deb, I don't know if you saw my other post, but if you do go to Home Depot or a place like it...they'll show you right there on the spot how to do it if you ask them...that's why I like those stores so much. They train their personnel to the nth degree. I've changed those out myself a few times and it's cake. You can do it.

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call Todd
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WEll, I have never personally done a toilet guts replacing, but my hubby did a couple of years ago and it seemed to be pretty simple. It only took about 15-20 minutes and like Catarina said it came w/ step by step instruction. I say Go for it gal !!!
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Deb25; Just a thought; maybe the guy who's gonna change your oil, would love to get his hands on your "tank guts" too.
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Toilet tank guts are a pretty personal matter. Maybe ya better buy him dinner first. Don't forget the wine. (or whine, whatever)
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Ok, very funny ladies. I'm off to Home Depot tomorrow.

And Discount Auto. I change my own oil.

(And note the reason why: Only 1 guy has posted in this thread.)
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Deb, you'll do fine! Toilet tank guts are easy to change out! I've had to fix mine before, it's really not a problem if you buy one of those kits Cat was talking about!

I change my own oil also. And my diff fluid. And my tranny case fluid. And all the other fluids. And I change my own brakes. And tires. And bearings and axles and.... well you get the point. For exactly the same reason ~ there's never a man around when you need one! (And if there is, they're not interested in fixing your vehicle. )
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You will please note that the one guy is the ONLY one who told how to do detail,down to wrench sizes. Go buy a kit..ask a guy..BIIIG help.:LOL: :LOL:

Jin..replacing brakes,bearings,axles?? What the heck are you driving girl?? Might be time for a NEW one?? :LOL:

In all seriousness some of the best tradespeople I know are women. They tend to be much more meticulous at their craft. Full marks to them.
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LOL! I WAS driving a crappy old Subaru, KF! I tell ya', you get a TON of practice with those things! Between the crappy Subaru and the old Chevy, it's amazing I had a social life ~ I was always covered in grease and under a vehicle. Sad, sad, sad.

NOW I drive a Jeep. Haven't had to do a thing to it aside from basic maintenance! (And 'elective surgery' ~ lift, winch, bumpers, etc...) I adore the thing!
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Jin...1972 Blazer,hot 355,8 in lift,40 in tires,gear trans case,swapped in Dana 60 with Det. Locker,12000 lb Warn winch,dual elect fans for deep water crossings. Not a showpiece but go anywhere atall. I often miss it.

Or maybe a mid-engine 4wd blazer that the "experts" said wouldn't work?

How's about a jeep pic? you can put the cat on the hood to make it "legal".
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NO! You can't possibly know what a Detroit Locker is!! Oh my gosh!!! I install Detroits and Air Lockers on a regular basis! WOW!

Okay... I'm going to have to get you a picture, now... but I think I'll start another thread. But, I'll warn you, it's going to be an off road Jeep picture, and not my 'daily driver'!
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Whoa, how cool, I love that stuff Jin! Being a carpenter, I just love seeing women do what's usually classified as men's work and Wayne you're right, I think we are pretty meticulous as to how we perform our craft

I'm looking forward to this Thread you're going to post!

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Ok I know this is going off the subject a little , but I just wanted to tell ya....... the other night I was round my "in-laws" house (oh yes Cat you know who Im talking about don't ya!!! haha ha ha) anyway, we were all sat around watching the TV a show called "Britains Brainiest" where this time they had the Brainiest teachers on....anyhoooo, there were about 9 men that had entered the competition and 3 got to the finals and the only ones who got through were men...(no really surprising as the majority of contestants were men) and my Mum in law pointed out that no women had got through, so my Father in law proceeded to point out, dead serious, that that is because men are more intelligent and have much quicker reaction time!!!!! Ooooo did that make me mad!! I let him know exactly what I thought about that!! grrrrrr..... ha ha ha :tounge2:
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OOOOO...hahaha! I can just imagine how red your face was too!
<<< Yeah, something like that! hahaha!

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