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urinating only at night

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I have had my cat for three years now. He is a neutured, declawed male. He was a stray that we adopted. He is current on shots and has visited the vet already and is in perfect health.

Mind you, he has had this problem since I have owned him.

Here is the problem:

He is urinating and having bowel movements on my area carpets and bath mats. Now I have recently bought my first home. And we have wall to wall carpet. Previously, we live in military quatrters which always had tile, so it was a hassle but I would just clean and/or replace the rugs. With owning your first home, I can no longer just deal with it. I need this behavoir fixed.

But let me clarify a couple of things first.

I have tried the following things over the last few years:
change the type of litter (including clay, shavings), extra litters boxes around the house and levels, litter boxes with and without lids, eletrical cleaning litter box, spray and chem to remove odors, removing the rugs for a while, penny can, water bottle, keeping the doors to bathrooms closed (which sent himt to area rugs), and even tape (sticky side up) across the rugs to discourage him. My vet said to crate him, which we tried for about two weeks ( and two weeks of no sleep) and then locking him in the laundry room with a litter box (again with no sleep and him peeing on the floor instead).

Secondly, I do not work. So the only time he's ever alone, is when I am running errands or such. But I am always home at night.

Which brings me to the main key.

He only does this in the middle of the night. He uses the litter box during the morning, afternoon, evening -just not in the middle of the night. Yes, I have kept a light on for him. And if I remove the rugs, he will use the litter box in the middle of the night.

He sleeps on my bed. he bi-passes the upstairs litter box and main floor litter box to use the fireplace area rug, right now.

Please help me. I love Angel. But I can't have him ruining carpets and our hardwood floors anymore. We are to the point of having to find him a new home. I just don't understand, why only in the middle of the night.

Also, Might be important: He knows what he is doing is wrong. Cause when he does it, he hides and is really jumpy around me.
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When he misses the litterpan what do you do to him? Do you punish him in anyway? That might be why he hides.

This could be the result of the declaw. I often hear sad stories similar to yours from cat owners who have either adopted a cat that has been declawed, or that they have had declawed. It could be night terrors has him, and in his anxiety he will pee wherever he feels the most comfortable- rubberbacked rugs are usually the target.

If I were you, I would look into a cat behaviorist to come out and evaluate your situation. Either that or turn to the Bach Flower Remedies to help take the edge off this cat. I am sure you have had Angel to the vet to be thoroughly checked out health wise, as well as having the declawed site x-rayed?
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what do you mean by declawed site x-rayed? I have not heard of this.

As for night, he pretty much sleeps with me. Cause he sleeps on me, making it hard to roll over or move.

If I catch him, I was using the water bottle. You know, spraying him in the act. But he doesn't hide after he uses the littr box only a rug.

I thught that I would also add: that I have a second cat. However, it does does have this problem.
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what is bach flower remedies?
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