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Impending Stress

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So I just quit my job, next week I'm going on vacation for a week and then if I'm lucky I'll find a home for my foster cat, and me and my 2 cats will be moving to Chicago. (About 600 miles)

This is an aweful lot of big changes for my kitties and I was wondering if there is anything I can do to ease the transition for them? I am almost contemplating adopting my foster cat, but I think 3 cats will make finding an Apartment impossible. Would it help with her eventual departure if I started keeping them separated during the day?

Also does anyone have any advice on long distance moves with Cats?

Maybe I'm just projecting my stress onto them. AHHHH
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:bump: so you don't get lost
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I wouldn't suggest separating them before she is rehomed. Once she is gone, they will keep each other company.

PM me with where you are moving to in Chicago, I am about 1-1/2 hrs west of downtown Chicago, and work with 2 foster agencies. Once you are settled in, I can hook you up with more fosters!
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