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Dress code where you work

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My supervisor declared that we can where shorts tomorrow!!
This is the 3rd friday in a row!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe mgmt is being nicer as the last working date draws near (55 days 3 hrs).
But who really cares. I work in smallish office(12 people)We do the casual business attire but us ladies push it a bit by wearing open toed sandals and capri pants.
So what is your work attire??
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Tee shirts and blue jeans. We work in a dirty environment so nice dress is out of the question.
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Professional attire-no denim at all, no t-shirts, no shorts, no tank tops, no tennis shoes unless you're wearing scrubs.
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Pretty much everyone in my office wears jeans, tshirts, etc. very casual. It's also a mostly male office, women are outnumbered 10 to 1. I feel dressed up in anything but jeans. I've pushed the limit by wearing flip flops, but my boss requested I not do that anymore, lol. As he put it, it's casual here, but it's not a surf shop.
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Well, my jobs require very different attire than most others. At the visitation center we're supposed to wear baggier shirts taht are long enough to cover your back when you bend all of the way over. Other than that we can wear shorts, skirts, flip-flops, jeans, capris, whatever!

At the gym I wear a sportsbra, a workout top, some kind of workout bottom, socks, sneakers, and my hair up in a ponytail. How very surprising, right? Oh, and a headset microphone.
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I work at a Pharmaceutical company, but we are business casual. I usually wear nice pants (mainly black) and a normal shirt, nothing too dressy and nothing too casual.. I'm an executive assistant, so sometimes I have to wear a suit if my boss is presenting at a huge meeting and I need to be there.. but rarely.

You can't go by today though... my entire department is out of the office, so I have jeans on! I couldn't get too casual though, it just didn't feel right.. so I had to wear heels.. There is something about wearing jeans to work when you can't everyday, I feel more motivated to work when have my cozy clothes on.
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I am a paralegal and am very fortunate to work for such a great firm. We can pretty much wear anything on fridays except shorts. During the week its casual to business casual-- like today i'm wearing carpis, sleeveless tank and flops. Now if we have court or something then i'm dressed to the "T" in a suits....but we get to use our own judgement...
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I am a doctor who can barely get away with wearing the stuff I do with feline pix and Mickey and Minnie because I am a pediatrician, lol I hate wearing a white coat (tho there are certain hospital protocols) and thus I dress depending on where I am - office, hospital, university. They have cuter things for nurses, lol (That's my whine for the day!)
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I work in a small office (4 people). We are business casual for the most part. When everyone is away and I'm here alone, I generally wear jeans and casual tops. Otherwise, I wear dress slacks and nice top or dress or skirt and top. No flip-flops because I would feel that would be pushing the envelope. In summer I have several pair of dressy sandals that usually match my clothing.
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I'm on reception so it's a smart black skirt with a blouse or fitted t-shirt with black heels
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Depends on if employers are coming to do interviews or if we're having a big event like a fair. During summertime if I'm in my office- business casual. If I have to give a presentation or whatever then I dress in business suits.

During school semester- business suits or prof/casual outfits at all times..

NO DENIM, JEANS, t-shirts, torn clothes, etc etc..
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Ours is "business casual" with "very casual" on Fridays.

I'm the only female in my office and I prefer hippie skirts & a fitted top, with open-toed sandals, on most days. On Fridays I do the capri pants thingy with a comfy shirt. The guys I work with do Dockers & very casual shirts, and on Fridays, jeans or shorts. I don't wear shorts to work cuz I'm the only female.

I used to work in a very stiffy, stuffy office environment that I had to wear a suit or pantsuit every day. I hated it... stayed for 5 yrs cuz it paid good, but hated wearing pantyhose and closed toed shoes. I practically did the dance of joy when the office shut down and I could go work at a place where I could wear long tie-dyed skirts & sandals!!!
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Business casual but fridays are casual. No flip flops. Shorts must be bermuda length and only worn on Friday. Today I'm wearing a pair of black slacks, a black and white tee and a white shirt over that like a jacket.
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Business to business casual, I guess. No jeans or anything like that. It's not officially casual day on Fridays, but I do dress more casual on Fridays especially since it's 1/2 day anyway.
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i dont work yet... But im september im going to buy a female suit oo lovely! some nice closed office shoes and some nice clothes appropriate for work.
Yes im going to be a "secretary and director" of our own company that we just applied for today.

too bad its not called fwan Ltd
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Originally Posted by okeefecl
Professional attire-no denim at all, no t-shirts, no shorts, no tank tops, no tennis shoes unless you're wearing scrubs.
Same here. We used to have occasional casual fridays, but the big boss hates to see us in jeans, so he ended it. We do sometimes have fun by declaring a day to be a certain color-for example one day we all tried to wear pink!

This week I'm off work, staying home with the kids having a home vacation, and last night hurt my leg so there is a huge bruise. So today I'm wearing a skirt on my day off! That is unheard of, but jeans are too warm, and its too ugly to go out in public with this huge purple bruise!
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well since I go to college I have to wear the uniform. luckily it is nice shades of blue!

twice a term we have mufti days.
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Business casual mostly, but as we're in Florida, "dress sandals" are allowed... the rules say no flip flops but people wear them anyway.

We're only supposed to wear any form of denim on Fridays, but the girls in the next area over don't seem to be able to read the dress code... they wear jeans every day of the week and their boss lets them. It's maddening!

We don't deal with the public or outside business contacts in person much, most days not at all. Most of the girls tend to wear untucked dressy/ribbed type shirts that otherwise would be a tee shirt, slacks, and sandals... and for some reason most of us look like our clothes are 10 years old. Mine probably are But for my birthday I talked el husbando into giving me a budget for a new wardrobe
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I work in a hospital laboratory. Scrubs and tennis shoes. No canvas shoes, no open toes. No capri length scrubs (yes, there is such a thing!) Disposable lab coat over that. No dangly jewlery that might get caught in analyzers and long hair must be pulled back.
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I work in a call center and almost anything is ok except:

spaghetti straps
skirts or shorts more than 3" above the knee
offensive t-shirts
gang attire
Offensive tattoos must be covered

Depending upon my mood, I wear anything from a designer suit, to jeans and a kitty-themed T-shirt. I usually wear heels, with everything. Those shoes are my trademark!
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Every Friday is Jeans Day I'm wearing khaki capris tomorrow though and a short sleeve denim shirt
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I work from home so anything goes (and nothing if I so desire)
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scrubs, no matter the pattern as long as they are scrubs.
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