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Hey guys, just wanted to drop a lil' line here before I leave for the doctor's office. Lately my meds haven't been controlling my blood sugar, no matter what I do. I've lost some weight (usually helps, lol)...been watching what I eat closer than ever, excersizing more....but last night at church my sugar was hub called and made an appointment for 2:30 this afternoon for me.........dr is thinking on insulin (temporarily) to get it down from such a high number.....say a prayer for me guys!
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Sending good vibes your way!
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here are some vibes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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You do whatever the doc tells you to do, 445 is way deadly your haic must be over 14 or 15 by now. That is really scary
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Good Luck! Listen to what the doctor says! Good thoughts headed your way!
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Major coming your way.
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Gotta get those numbers down! Here's prayers that you get your blood sugar under contol with the doc's help.
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Sending good vibes your way Cindy!
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Vibes coming your way, Cinds.
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If the Dr says insulin, then insulin it shall be. Get those numbers down to healthy levels and you'll feel better, too! Good vibes coming your way.
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Oh Cind.........sorry to hear this. What did the doc say???
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Good luck, Cindy. Take care.
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Bummer, Cindy! Lotsa vibes for your doctor's visit, and getting your sugar sorted out.
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I am sorry to hear this Cindy, please post an update when you can?
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Thanks guys! Sorry I didn't reply earlier, but I didnt' get out of the dr's office until late, then had to close the store and go to church....think I have some good news though! We're changing my meds....doc doesn't really like this one, because it can bause the blood sugar levels to drop too low....I'm like "hello?" I know what to do for with a couple of hypoglycemics, you learn a lot! Nonetheless...I took my first dose this evening, ate dinner after church, and an hour later its 172.....lower than its been in awhile! theory is.....TCS vibes ROCK !!!!
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That is just great. I'm sure you will feel a lot better with your sugar regulated better!
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