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cats butt

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Here's one for you guys and gals.
My cat is 2 years old and a little heavy, she is part maine-coon.
She uses my rug for toilet paper. (don't laugh)! This only happens maybe a week out of a couple of months. She eats the same food. I give her twice a day, 1/4 cup of Eukanoba lamb dry, and 1/4 cup of wellness dry. Times I give her 1/2 whiskas pouch food split into the two times. Does anyone ever have this trouble? What should be done, as it isn't all the time?? Need help with this.
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being part maincoon I am assuming she is not a shorthair and being a little chubby she
probably has a little trouble reaching that area
for cleaning. My suggestion to trim the butt hairs as short as possible so that nothing can stick to them, thereby eliminating the need to use your carpet to clean herself off. Good luck!
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She is part maine-coon, but she has short hair not long. She is chubby, I guess that's the problem. I don't think I feed her too much, as you can see. She weighs 17 lbs. Her mother has the long hair and doesn't have any trouble like this.
Thanks for trying to help.
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You may want to talk to the vet about having her anal glads expressed on a regualr basis. Some cats have more of a problem doing it naturally and when they go poop, they don't get expressed and then it bothers them, so they rub to get it taken care of.
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Sandy, what do you mean by "expressed"?
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Not to gross anyone one out, but inside a cats anus, there's 2 little sacs that fill with oils. Most cats when going to the bathroom is enough pressure to squeeze the excess out. When it doesn't get squeezed out, it causes irritation and a foul smell. It is not pretty, but if need be, you go in manually and squeeze.
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Your probably right about the (expression). I heard about it one time, but if your knew my cat, it would be almost impossible. She is a real scaredy cat, if she has it in mind you want to do something, she takes off and hides. Also she would fight it tooth and nail.
I really thank you for your solution and help, now all I need to do is try.
Thank you
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One of my cats, Tristan, has the same problem. It happens about once a year. It takes 5 minutes for the vet to empty the glands and he,s back to normal the next day.

I'm not easily grossed out, but I could puke just thinking of this smell.
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