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Someone posted a thread on here within the last week asking if their kitten was "retarded", and in the thread they mentioned that their kitty was inbred (I think from siblings). I cannot now find that thread to put in my knowledge about what it could be, so I thought I would post a new one, in hopes that the original author finds it.

When siblings reproduce, it does more often than not, create a litter of kitties that will have developmental problems, and often retardation. They will seem normal (at least mostly) at first, but as the months progress, you will notice they have either difficulty walking, or just aren't at full mental capacity, or they are clearly confused about things going on around them (or "not all there"). You might find them bumping into things a lot, as their sight or depth perception might not be very well developed.

You mentioned some of these things...and my best recommendation is to take him/her to the vet, letting your vet know that he/she's from a sibling couple. The vet will know exactly how to handle the situation.

Let me know if you're the original author and you got this...I just want to know you got the info.

Thanks! Hope it helps!
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I merged your thread with the original thread so that everyone could see what was going on with the original question.
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Well, thank you for merging...but it's not the original thread I was looking for. The thread I saw was one where someone specifically mentioned that their kitten was from a sibling couple, and that the kitty was having a hard time walking, bumping into things, etc. Thank you for your effort, but could you please put it back in it's original form? Thank you!
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Oops! Sorry about that!
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