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We're Not Afraid"

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This link will take you to a wonderful site in London. Everyday people, from all over the world, are sending in photos with messages of hope & courage.
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I like this pic from the site!
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That is too cute!

What an awesome site. There are some great pics there!
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Oh thats excellent!!!

Thanks for finding that
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I'm bumping this again just in case the evening TCS crew missed it. It's worth checking out.
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Thanks for the link. I seen a story about it on the news this morning but I could remember the addy.
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that's a cool site!
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That's a wonderful site. Be brave cuzzies, I know you are.
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Oh, I just tried the link and I get "page cannot be displayed"
I'll try again later.
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I just tried it & it worked. Several great photos have been added since I posted the thread this morning. I hope that you can get through.
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I put the link on my favorites to check out later, but I love the picture you posted!
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Aw Diane. It's working for me too. I want to send a picture in, do you have to be a member?
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Great site!!!
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Go London!
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This is too good to miss!
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