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Crying Won't Stop!!!

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I posted a thread last week regarding one of my cats and her non-stop crying. A member said I should have her checked out for a urinary tract infection since she was peeing in our bathtub.

Well, the tests showed up negative and she has been on antibiotics for a week for an assumed inflamed bladder. But the vet said it is being treated as a precaution, but there are no real signs of trouble.

But there is trouble. She will not stop crying. She wailed most of last night, and I can't take it anymore. I am at the point where I will lock her in the basement at night with her litter box, food and water so I can get some sleep.

She's well-fed and watered, gets a clean litter box every other day, has a feline playmate (who doesn't cry) and gets tons of attention.

Could she just be needy? Does her breed/mix have anything to do with this? Will this go away? I am at a loss. HELP!
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Is she in heat? My almost silent cat would get quite loud when she was in heat.
My male is an oriental breed and quite vocal, he'll carry on a conversation but it's not continuous only when he feels like it or wants something.

Did the peeing in the bathtub stop?
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We are keeping the bathroom door closed, but I am going to put up a shower curtain and open it. We'll see if that works.

She was spayed at the Humane Society, but I am wondering if they missed something. We don't have any male cats hanging around.

I believe Tabby is part Siamese, but she never did this when we got her five months ago.

BTW, do you know how I can post pix of my kitties?

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Maybe you should get a 2nd opinion at another vet about the UTI, a cat will not cry continously for no reason, she is trying to tell you something.

Why not just put the a litter box in the tub? I have several around the house but have one kitty that likes the privacy of the bathroom lol

I've never posted pics, but I'm sure someone will come along to get you with that soon.
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Is the basement safe? I don't see any problem with your basement plan as long as there's nothing down there they could get into that would be harmful (unlike MY basement, which is off-limits to my cats). I wrote "they", because if you do this, I think you should put BOTH cats down there, so they have company, and so you don't screw around with their social standing.
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