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When Nikko is resting, I often notice that his legs start kicking (just a bit, not wildly), his whiskers start flicking back and forth, his ears start twitching, and sometimes his entire body will lightly shake. I assume that he is in some deep dream state, perhaps chasing a rodent or spying on a bird and his body and muscles are reacting to the stimuli. Is this true, do cats dream like humans?
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I believe they do. I know all of my cats react the same way when sleeping. Sometime a deep undisturbed sleep, sometimes a very active night.
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Kitty dreams!!!!!
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I wish I could remember which book or magazine I read it in, but yes cats do dream once they hit a deep sleep. They were talking about how they are running and playing in thier sleep.
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My cats do that too. They also talk in their sleep. Once when Alex was having a particularly vivid dream, he must have said "bird" or "mouse" or something, because Nell got this look on her face and jumped up to search for whatever it was. When she couldn't find anything, she went over to Alex and meowed and looked at him strangely--like she couldn't understand why he raised a false alarm.
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