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Pooing blood

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This morning while cleaning the litter box - I came out of the room and found what I thought was throw up that wasn;t there when I went in. It wasn't throw up, it was poo. With blood on it.

After expecting 4 cats tushes, we have come to the conclusion that it is Raven because she had some poo reaminder on her butt while the other 3 didn't.

She will be going to the vet first thing this morning. Please send good vibes.
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Oh Tracey i really hope it's nothing

Sending Raven (((((Good Luck vibes)))))
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Hopefully, it's nothing. When Scaredy did the same thing, the vet didn't find anything wrong and it went away on it's own.
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That is very scary. Good vibes coming your way. Let us know what you find out.
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My hubby has her at the vet right now - I couldn't take off - plus he was home. Of course I am here at work worrying and not doing anything really productive.

Thanks for the good vibes.
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Aww your bound to be worried Let us know asap
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and prayers
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Bloody stool can be a very scary thing. It could also be a variety of things, Coccidia, stool that is too hard, food allergies, etc. You did the right thing by taking your baby to the VET right away!!!

Let us know the finding!!!

Now breath and relax!!!!
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Breathing and relaxing.... a bit.

The fecal tests came back negative for parasites - so the vet has diagnosed "stress colitis" I need to do some more research but she is currently home with antiboitics.
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Collitis can be treated with Diet - extra fiber!!!! Might want to add some Psyllium to her diet ...
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Learning all you can about this problem will help you deal with it. Please keep us updated. I will be praying for your sweet furbaby.
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Excellent Tracey!

Give her scritches from all of us
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