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the catit waterfountain

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Can I say how cool this thing is?! So far I've only seen Paige drinking out of it, Molly doesn't know what it is, and Gibby doesn't seem to be thirsty (I've only been up with it on for 1.5 hrs though so who knows what they did while I was asleep with it on.)

Also, can I tell you, it holds 3 LITRES of water? and it's easy to fill and assemble with minimal splashytime involved. I suggest for people concerned that the catit doesn't cover the entire dome with water to give it a couple hours to run, you will notice that as it runs it levels itself and eventually pours accross the entire dome consistantly. Also before the water was running accross the entirety of the dome I was concerned about its noise (it wasn't loud, but it was louder than the freshflow we have) since then I can hardly hear it.

Excellent purchase!
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I have to say that I agree with you! Ours love their catit fountain.
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I thought the catit was the coolest looking thing ever...but Lucky refuses to even look at it, and rambo started using it but now waits patiently until I am using the sink and then jumps in there. I'm hoping they will change there minds....
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i am saving up for one for fin as he loves to drink out of the faucet now lol i hope that when i do get it he uses it instead of the faucet though!!
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