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Bleh. Ironing at 5 Am takes it's toll.

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No, no I'm well, I didn't burn myself or anything (which is a miracle I should be thankful for, but at the moment i'm not)

Someone. (I won't say who, although I only live with 1 person) moved my ironing board. It's one of the kind you haing over the back of the door. I have pants to Iron so I open the normal door, which is free of obstuction when opened 90 degrees and has a viable plug and light source.

Alas, it has been moved to the door directly to its right (it's the doors to our water heater, they re the double door type. on this facing, the door the board hangs on blocks the lightsource, and bangs into the washing machiine when at te only VABLE angle to Iron at. Also, the matter of the power cable basically is addressed by having to pull the cord around the door (that continues to swing as you iron in its current location)and to rest it on the washing machine when shiftingthe article of clothing (because you have to part way shut or over extend the door hinge to get the clothes PAST the washer if you're say doing a pant. I should also point out that due to its construction the way it's attached) I can't get it off without teetering precariously on a kitchen chair, which at 5 am with ot iron involved, is not something I want to do.

Ironing is bad enough just being ironing. Why do you have to go and make it worse?
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*is about to start the ironing*
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ive finished my ironing yesterday :P
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Do what I do... grab your pants as soon as they come out of the dryer and skip the ironing all together! (=

Sorry you had such a rough morning.
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I love ironing! Even better when it's duvet covers
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Ironing? What is that?
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I agree with Rosiemac (along with the granny bloomers), I really like ironing. But I do admit to doing it right out of the dryer since there are less wrinkles and it's faster and easier. Also I then don't have it "hanging over my head" and feeling guilty if someone wants something and it's not ironed. This way they have nothing to complain about.

I also keep telling my husband and daughter that if they rinse out dishes it's easier for me to wash them without having to "SCRUB" them.

I believe in making things as easy as possible.
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I use my solar dryer (aka clothes line!) Ironing done one when absolutely needed.
And each person for themselves!
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