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First I'd like to say hi to everyone ... my name is Heather and this is my first post here. I'm a Penn State student, happily sharing an apartment with my 3.5 year old orange tabby, Oliver (who, by the way is an FIV kitty and doin just fine ), a tank of fish and a tank of hermit crabs.... yes, I live in a zoo and all animals are spoiled.

Now to my question... recently I've noticed Oliver will start drooling when I'm scratching him near the ears and face. I'm assuming this is simply a relaxation reaction from the pleasure of the scratching, but he's never done it before just a few days ago. As I said, he's 3 and a half, but I've been his owner for only a year, come October. I'm not all that worried about this because it's not a profuse and/or constant drooling, but would like to hear what y'all think.

Thanks so much! I'm sure I'll be posting again!
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Welcom and thanks for adopting Oliver!!!!

Sounds like my mom's girl piper - when she is feeling good while getting her pettens she drools like there is not tomorrow - you need a body bib to stay dry!!!
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Hello and welcome!!

When I was young (years ago! ) we had a cat who had cerebral palsy (sp?) and he would drool up a flood when he was happy and being scritched!!
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Ok, I figured it was just a happy reaction... half the time his little PennState bandanna is utilized as a bib instead!

PS: Anyone know how I can get my signature picture to be smaller?! I wanna show of my boy, but not THAT big!
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I took the liberty of re-sizing it for you. Grab this one:

There's a rule that sig pix can only equal 30kb or less and be 150px high or less. For this one I used Paint Shop Pro, but any photo editing/imaging software should do the job.

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Oliver is beautiful!!! I love orange tabbies!!

Re: drooling --- I have droolers, too. My cats drool when they're content... happy... being petted and especially, being brushed with the Zoom Groom. When I'm Zoom Grooming Snickers he drools enough to fill a cup, I swear. And Miss K.C., she drools herself to sleep every night after making a bed in my hair. Dusty drools too but she's almost too prissy to allow it to happen that often...

It's just contentment... I take it as the highest form of love from my cats. When I have a cat on my lap who is purring AND drooling? 'means they love ya' and are very happy!

I think if the drooling is excessive and your cat is older --- it may be a health problem -- like bad gums or a dental issue. Also serious drooling with behavior changes could mean something is stuck in his/her throat (like a long string?).
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Thanks so much for your comments about my boy and for resizing my picture! He definitely is a happy cat! Any cat that's rescued from the streets should be a happy cat and he's a spoiled cat on top!
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I have seen kitties that drool when they're happy...my Leo only ever drooled when he was very noticably ill (he learned very quickly not to eat flowers and my roommate learned very quickly not to put them on Leo's windowsill), but it seems like Oliver is healthy and just happy and relaxed!

He is such a pretty kitty!
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I love your signature. Your kit is gorgeous!
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You're welcome! But ... you need to right-click and save it to your machine then upload it to your own photo account and link to that address as I can't keep it on rosehawke.com indefinitely. In fact I need to clean out some stuff now and if I did that without realizing you were linked to it your sig would go away (and become the infamous "red x." ) Where the heck do all these pix come from ? I think a good half of the ones in my photos directory I'm not even using.

Oliver is a pretty boy! In that pic he looks like he's crouching down, just thinking about doing a "wiggle-butt" and pouncing!

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