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Sometimes people frusterate me (a rant/vent)

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I just got back from volunteering at the local humane societies adoption center, and I'm feeling slightly deflated.

A woman came in and filled out an application. It looked ok, she didn't set off any of the red flags on the application. Unfortunately she also smacked one of her kids in the face (on purpose) while there.

So the staff is standing around trying to figure out how they can reject her application, because apparently for the higher-ups, that's not going to be enough. Which to me is just depressing.

Why does my local humane society seem to think that quantity with no attempts to improve quality is the answer? There are so many ways they could try to increase adoptions, but they seem content with shipping as many animals to the least picky adoption center, and limiting the amount of animals the more picky one has - almost punishing them.

I'm just frusterated because I know it's not the right answer, and there is nothing I can do. I'll keep fostering and petting my kitties (my kittens got adopted by the GREATEST couple at least), and maybe someday I'll be in a position to do more.
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That is really sad. I am so glad that you are not giving up. The animals need you.
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I'm really sorry you have to go through such frustration.
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Thanks guys. I don't mean to be a downer. I just get frusterated when the people who are supposed to be helping the animals are not really doing the best job they could.
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TCS is a great place to vent about this subject. We all love animals.
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You don't ever need to be sorry. I vent all the time. xocats is right, we all love animals, and care about what you have to say.
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With the more picky adoption centers, do they get healthier cats?
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No wonder you are frustrated.
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You were right to show concern, anyone that would smack thier kid on purpose doesnt show animal owner of the year award to me anyway!
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Originally Posted by nyzki
You were right to show concern, anyone that would smack thier kid on purpose doesnt show animal owner of the year award to me anyway!
I agree. GRRRRR!!!!
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If they can smack their kids like that, especially in public, then their capable of doing anything in my eyes
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I'm sorry you have to go through that. You are doing a great job helping out liek you do. If it makes you feel any better, I think it woudl be easier to adopt a child than it was to adopt Abby. The shelter kept calling me back to ask more questions and wanted more paperwork. At the time, I was impressed that they were doing that, but frustrated because I know what good cat parents we are.
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I am lucky, in our rescue each foster parent can deny the adoption of their kittens for any reason. And I am sure that slapping a child would be a reason. I understand your frustration, but please keep working at it. You are improving the lives of the cats!
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I've been out of town the past few days so I missed a lot of these reply's, but thank you!

I agree Abbysmom that some places are TOO picky, in fact sometimes I think the place I volunteer at is too focused on finding perfect families and not good at educating. But none-the-less I think indiscriminantly adopting to whomever is not right either. There needs to be a better medium. *sighs*

Anyway, no worries, I will continue to help because I do it for the kitties, I just have to come vent with other kitty lovers sometimes.
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