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Kittens with oily coats

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Hi all,
I'm currently fostering 3 kittens who are 12 weeks old. They have just gotten spayed and neutered today. When I brought them back from the animal shelter, I noticed that all of their coats are kind of oily and they smell kind of funny. It might be the same smell as the animal shelter, which does not have a pleasant odor. I had fostered two kittens from the same litter, but when they got neutered, their coats were fine. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do, or what the problem should be? I want to pet them, but it's a bit gross right now.

I'm going to call the animal shelter tomorrow to see what I should do--I wonder if they'll say I should give them a bathe? Or should I use the grooming brush? (they're also shedding quite a bit).

Also--the animal shelter said I shouldn't give them food or water tonight, but how many hours should I wait? I think they are thirsty, because I have them in the bathroom, and they're trying to drink the leftover water in the sink (so then I dried off the water).
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Maybe you could clean them with those cat cleaning cloths?
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I am fostering two sphinx kitties - for a friend who is extremely ill - and I have to bathe them once a week at keast because they are so suspecible to dust and other stuff in the air and their skin gets so oily just because they have no hair per se. They are used to baths and don't mind them unlike most felines. I use Dawn but also an antibecterial soap specifically made by a sphinx breeder.

My house is spotless and they still pick up stuff - many ppl think sphinx are not as much work as typical cats with lots of hair when in fact the lack of hair probably means more work. But they seem to enjoy bath time, being such social butterflies. <g>

Make sure if you do bath your cat that you have a big towel ready for her or him and they do not get chilled!!!

My Siamese I have only bathed a few times since I have had her - she is a sweetheart and while there were some loud meezer yowls, no bites or scratches occured and we were all happy when it was over, lol

Here is a video of a bath of a sphinx:


If you don't feel they need a full bath, just a quick sponge bath may be just as effective. Use some of the ones you can buy or use a wash clotjh with Dawn on it. Make sure in either case NOT to get water in the cat's eyes or ears!!
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