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BBQ myths

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Rob just ran across this website, and thought I might be interested. I haven't looked at all carefully yet, but it does look as if it might have some merit, so I've bookmarked it to go back and have a good look. Thought you might he interested, too...

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Great link Frannie!
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Very interesting-- thanks for sharing!
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Interesting write ups there. I read one and then bookmarked it to read the test later. Nice link Fran!
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As a frequent BBQer (and rare griller), I thank you for the link.
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That's neat. Thanks Fran.
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Thanks, I followed the link to some great marinade recipes. I'm on a low sodium diet, and the premade marinades always have sodium! Lots of great pointers there!
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Interesting site! I'm going to have a proper read later on!

Thanks for posting it!
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