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Mya & Em Pictures

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I've been dying all day to post some pictures of my kitties!
They are just the best cats ever.. I couldn't have asked for anything more. When I first brought them home, we lived with my ex.. who turned out to not be very nice to them or me for that matter...
I know we all deserved much better, so that is why we recently moved back home.. How can anyone not love these faces!!

Here are a few recent ones of them and a baby pic of them as well.

Mya's Baby Picture... This was the first time, I ever met her. I had found her on petfinder and went to the place where she was being taken care of to visit her. As soon as I sat on the floor, she had walked over and plopped down in my arms... as you can imagine, it's didn't take long to fall in love with her.

Mya Lounging..


Emerson's Baby Picture.. Em was 1 of 4 boys that were all black and white. Someone had found them and given the kittens to the same rescue that Mya was at. Em is missing some bones in his tail and they are all a little out of wack. The vet had mentioned in his first evaluation that he may end up getting arthritis someday and I guess people didn't want to deal with it. When I saw his little face and those amazing green eyes, I knew he was coming home with me. Also, he was there with Mya and they got along so well.. how could I split them up!

Em Sleepin...


I can talk about them all day long, but i'll try to keep it short.
Hope you enjoy them!
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They are just adorable - both of them! Thanks for sharing them with us !
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What sweethearts!!, keep the pics coming
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So cute..
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Hehe.. ok, you talked me into it.. here are a few more!

Can you tell I have a million pictures of them..?
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Originally Posted by sunshne880

Can you tell I have a million pictures of them..?

Why not? They are beautiful, photogenic cats and are absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing.
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Great pictures!
You're so lucky you have "cooperative" kitties. I usually need to sneak up to mine to get even an acceptable photo.
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Thanks for those pics! What a lovely pair of kits you have there!
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Aw I love them.
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Awwww what little sweeties you have there!

Pleased to hear you took them and yourself away from you now ex
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How sweet!
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Mya is absolutly beauty-full.... Love her baby pic.... Belly all hanging out...!!!!
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I LOVE Mya's baby picture!!!!
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