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Cat pottying outside of litterbox

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My cat is doing number 2 in places other than where she should. I've done some reading up on why she cat is doing this and I know that it can be caused by anal sacs, etc. Has anyone noticed that their cat (s) does this when being fed wet cat food. I'm just feeding her dry cat food to see if that clears up the problems. Thanks in advance for any help.
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Her doing this might have nothing to do with what kind of food you're giving her, unless it's diaherria.

Sometimes kitties just get very finicky about exactly how their litterbox is set up, and where. Sounds like that's the problem here.

Our boy, Hobbes, did the same thing, and it turned out he wanted one litterbox to poop in and one to pee in, he didn't like hooded litterboxes, and he liked it pristinely clean. I found a couple websites that helped me understand exactly what it was that I could try that would help, and it really did. One good thing is the fact that he's now outgrown his pickiness about wanting two and wanting them in such perfect condition, now that he's about a year old! Hopefully yours will do the same!

Here are a couple websites that should help:




A couple tips:

Cats don't usually like the plastic liners some people use in litterboxes.

Some cats don't like the hooded boxes.

Cats at times don't like the box to be anywhere that they also have to eat and drink.

Sometimes the problem is just that the box isn't somewhere private enough. They only like to "go" somewhere that is low-traffic, quiet, and very private.

Hope all that helps!
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Your cat is probably ill and you should rule out health issues first- there is a stuck thread in behavior on pooping issues- if you haven't read it yet, please do
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