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Would you believe this

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Last night as I was watching the Animal Channel they actually had the "balls" to run commercials for furs. I could not believe my eyes!! [IMG]That was the last I would have expected. Has anyone else noticed it before?
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That is horrible!

I realize it is difficult to get advertiser - but that is ridiculous!
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I haven't seen any fur commercials on AP. I wonder if it was local or national advertising. A lot of times an ad agency will buy a block of ads, like E!, MTV, Vh-1 and whatever else comes along with the package. It's obviously a huge scheduling error on the part of the ad exec, local or national who didn't understand the conflict.
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My son and daughter are avid Animal Planet watchers. When I asked them about this, Anthony said there was a commercial featuring a tiger skin, and that it was a commercial for their show Animal Detectives.

The message was that "wherever there are animals in danger, these people are there to stop it". The spot also featured something with rhinoceros horns and bald eagles. Is this the ad you are referring to?

Other than that, I can't believe that the channel would feature an ad for animal furs. Somebody's losing his job over that boo-boo.

BTW, Hell603, love that "mouth-drop" smilie. He's awesome!
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