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New Kittens!!!

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I recently posted a link asking questions about my pregnany cat "Sparks" Just wanted to update you all that we have kittens today!!! 6 of them! They are soooo cute and super tiny. And we are soooo excited!

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Tried to put a pic in of the mama and her new kittens. Anyone wanna help me out on how I do that?? thanks
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Glad they arrived with no problem- please keep the momcat indoors, she will go into heat soon and plan on getting her spayed so there will be no more litters in her future or yours-
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Are you using Photobucket?
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To post pictures, you have to go through an image hosting service. You have to do this, because you are still a kitten, and can not post attachments. I would recommend Photobucket because:
1) It's free
2) It's easy to navigate and use
3) It has it in an [IMG][/IMG] format already
4) Many people here on TCS use it.

After you have signed up, and put your pictures on the web hosting service of your choice, you simply post the image format here. The image format will look a like this: (Don't click on it. It'll bring you nowhere.) Also, there should be no spaces between the [IMG] and the web address.
[IMG] http://photobucket.cow/albums/y90/wh.../nameofpic.jpg [/IMG]

If you have any more questions about this, feel free to ask! Many people are here to help, and I will help as much as possible!
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ok now i got an account with photobucket! THanks alot guys! Yes I plan on getting her spayed! Most DEFINTLY!!!!

Here is the pic,.. It;s the best I could get for now![IMG][/IMG]
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Just beautiful! And six! That is great. I am very glad she will be spayed when the kittens wean. I have a litter of kittens who will be 8 weeks old saturday, so soon their Momma goes in to be spayed. I am very excited for her, as she has been kind of a kitten mill recently, and I think it will be nice for her not to ever have kits again!

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