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Snakes Alive!  

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My neighbor came over screaming about a snake being in her pool area the other day...I don't have a problem with snakes. It turned out to be a black indigo! He/She was absolutely beautiful! They're protected in Florida. They're so black they have a purplish tint to them. Must've been about four feet long. I had to step on his head a little just to pick him about, because they strike. They have teeth, but aren't venomous. It's really interesting cause once they calm down, they become quite docile. This guy was agitated though. It took a while, but he did. I wanted to keep him, but it's against the law here so I had to let him go. It was really cool to release him, he took off soooo fast too! I love the wildlife; but people are slowing destroying it....it's so sad

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that, it was so cool....anyone out there like snakes or other exotics?

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Weeeeellllll....(you just knew I'd have something to say didn't ya?!! ha ha) I like snakes, but Id never have one as a pet, I think they are amazing creatures and very interesting! What I would like as a pet is an Iguana or some type or Lizard/Reptile......but I don't think I'll ever have one as would be constantly worried about it having the right kind of environment etc etc.... When I was on holiday a while back in the Dominca Rep. they had loads and loads of these little Gekko like lizards - they were so cute!! one was living under our couch for most of the holiday, but eventualy we caught it and released it out into the trees where it came from! They were soooo cute I would love to have kept one....alas I could not....
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I LOVE SNAKES! When I was young I had a "pet" water snake. It lived in the rocks by my dock at the cottage. I used to go swimming & every time I was in the water it would come out & swim beside me. It was great - It didn't come out for anyone else - just me. I also just to go to a store called snake & spider & they let me in with the snakes & especially the tarntulas (sp) They are so soft and furry! They tickle when the walk on you. Now I keep more traditional pets, but that doesn't mean would would get a snake if I thought my husband would let me.
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Cool! I didn't know we had some snake lovers! Nice To be honest, I wouldn't keep it cause I don't think I could feed it. Ya know, those poor little meeces to pieces! I don't know about those tarantulas Adrienne, but that's really cool about the snake swimming with you! hahaha! I'm not so fond of hairy spiders walking on me, but it's not like I'd kill it or something. I do love lizards, they're pretty funny!! :laughing2 They get in my porch all the time, I have to save them from the cats! Poor little fellas My boys have no mercy when they hunt! It's sweet that you set him free Rhea

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Snakes and lizards...yes..... spiders....NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Freak freak freak....wooble quiver pass out....
Nah, Im not that bad, but they do give me the "eeby geebies" I wouldn't kill it either, but I think I would DEFINATELY give it a W I D E birth!! ha ha ha ha Credit to you for not wimping out like me!! ha ha
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NOT a spider person, thank you.

I'm okay about snakes, but most people I know who have them have these huge things that look like they'd eat a small child. I like the smaller snakes, the ones that fit in your two hands. We used to garden in New England and we had a garter snake that lived near our house. He would come out for a bath when we watered.

We almost got a lizard for the kid for Christmas, but daddy came home with a thing called a sugar glider instead. I'm going to post a thread about that in the next day or so, just haven't gotten to it. It's really cute, but expensive! Not to keep, to purchase. Anyway.

Snakes and lizards yes, spiders no way.
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Have you folks ever heard the story about St. Patrick driving all the snakes out of Ireland? My kind of guy!! Besides,they all swam over to Scotland where St.Andrew,being the enterprising Scot,petrified them by hitting triple high C over C on the bagpipes. He then sold most back to the Irish as Shellaileighs (walking sticks) and used the rest to invent the game of golf. My hero!!!:LOL: Now that's the PROPER use for snakes!!!!
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Wayne!!!!! I know you don't mean that!!!!!

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I didn't know that about St Andrew! Too funny! And probably about as true as the one about St Pat.
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Yep Cat he means it!!!!! He hates snakes with a passion.

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Well, we all can't like the same things. I guess that's what makes the world go 'round!

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Hubby & I were on National Geographic last year for a few of his snakes. To tell ya thr truth I'm kinda bored with them, we have some ball pythons, reticulated ythons and burmese pythons.
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Many years back I was working for Can. Pacific Railway in the Frazer River Canyon in BC. We were "tamping" and straightening rails thru that desert belt that runs down thru the Okanagan into Nevada,etc. Rattler country.

Anyway,on this particular day we were on a siding waiting for a train to pass by. They gave us machetes and told us to clear brush from under the telegraph wires,but to be alert for rattlers who lived there. I was working away,looking down on the ground when I heard the Buzz. I straightened up to look a big mean sucker straight in the face.He was coiled on a bench right about eye-level. I ducked as he struck and he hit the upraised knife. It severed his head off. I came out of that brush screaming SNAKE and wound up on top of the tamping machine. Now this machine is 10 ft tall and no ladder. Naturally the guys all thought I had been bitten and were trying to climb up to help me. I was so freaked that I wouldn't let them. Finally they got me down and assured themselves I wasn't going to die on them,when one idiot came dragging the carcass out of the brush. BANG,I was back on top of the tamper and it took 2 hours to get me down.

The snake was about 6 ft long or more and as big around as your wrist. If he had struck me it would have been in the face and I wouldn't have stood a prayer.

To top it all off,the smart-ass cook served me the snake a couple days later and then told me what I had eaten. It took a couple husky guys to pry my fingers off his throat.

No,I don't like snakes.

As to the golf story,might that not explain why golfers use so many words that start with "S". Son of a.... or Well S...????
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Personally, I like snakes. I think they're nifty little creatures, and I've done the same sort of thing as Cat did in 'rescuing' them from people's yards, or wherever.

I do understand why some people don't like them, though. I mean, there are some things that really bother me (cockroaches!), and I wouldn't want someone telling me how wonderful they were, or pushing them in my face. So, to each his own! (Yet another reason to love this site ~ everyone respects everyone else!)
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Jeesh! No wonder you're so scared of snakes. With an experience like that, I think it would change I'd probably be frightened too, but then again I'm one of those wackos that'll get right back on a horse that threw me off too!

Sorry to hear about that...that was really terrible that the snake had to die in such a traumatic manner!

Poor Wayne...I'm always pickin' on ya! :laughing2

Honestly, I would've been scared too, I don't think I've ever seen a rattler that big in my entire life! We have them in Florida, but out west, it's like they grow triple the size! Being your so tall, it's amazing you ducked that quick!!! I've know that you're around 6'4 right? Jeesh! It's a wonder you leaped onto that thing in a single bound! hahaha!

Awww...well, I do understand why you hate snakes Wayne. Now I have good ammo on the MJ Thread! haha! :laughing2

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