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today i introduced a litter box for my 5 wk old kittens and guess what!! one of them went straight to it and peed!! yay!! im so happy! i figured it would be hard to get them used to it and start using it but nope! right off the bat one of them went straight over there and used it! but i have a question... should they know to cover it up at this age?? or is it okay if they don't?? my calico (the one that used it first) went over there and pee'd and covered it up but someone pooped and didn't so is it alright?
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Congrats! Most kittens take to it well, but you do have some troublemakers. Yes, it is okay for them not to cover their stuff yet. Mirah and Annie are still learning to do it. They will learn over time to dig and bury it. To help, perhaps use the scooper, and cover it, so they know it's supposed to be covered.
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Garfield still forgets to cover his half the time!!! LOL! Great job for the babies!
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Don't go and cover it for them.

They will learn, but you know half the cats I've known DON'T cover it so another kitty rushes in there and covers it for them.

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