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wet food frequency

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I've recently switched Chester (age 9months) to adult wet food, keeping his dry kitten. I didn't want to, but after a number of fecal exams and a round of anti inflamitory stuff, switching to adult food got rid of the smell and strange colour of his feces (wish we had thought of that first!). He usually gobbles his food, and we figured it was a growth thing, although it could be a rescued cat thing. In the past week and a half he's been eating about half of what I give him, walking away for a couple of minutes and then going back. I don't know if it's a case of him being full and not needing as much food or if he's just realizing that the food will be there when he comes back (assuming our other cats don't get to it).
Right now he's being fed 1/4 of a can 3 times daily and has dry adult and dry kitten food available to him at all times. I'm considering moving him to 1/4 can twice a day, or maybe even a third.
What do you folks suggest, or do with your wet food? I'm never sure how much I should be feeding him. He's VERY active, muscular and 's his wet food.
Thanks so much,
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Loki get's 1/2 little can 2 x a day (Morning & night), plus dry is available 24/7.

If he loves his wet food - WHY NOT! It also insures that he get's enough of the moisture he needs. I just reconfirmed this with my VET on our last trip about a week ago!
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Oh that makes me think of something! Do you know anything about ash content? He's my first boy and I'd hate to screw up his system by feeding him the wrong thing.
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One of mine is all wet or homemade ... I do try to get at least a tablespoon or about a 1/3 of a small can into Zoey twice a day..
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depending on his weight, id feed him 6-6.5 oz divided into 2 meals every day. you would need to adjust amount to maintain proper weight.
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