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Our D.T. for Thursday

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One more day until the weekend! (you would never know that I didn't come back to work until the 2nd!)

Yesterday I bought a beautiful Italian Entertainment center. It's so gorgeous. I know I won't be able to do it justice but I'll try. It's ornate, with little roses painted on it, but then painted over lightly in a light brown, so they are more faint than prominent. I'm so excited. They are delivering it on saturday.

In our bedroom we have our tv, cable box, vcr, playstation 2 and dvd player in a tangled mess & it's driving me batty! I'm getting tired at looking at all the cords. I'm just as excited to have it all put away in an entertainment center, than the actual peice itself!

We had a meeting yesterday, and it looks like I'm going to get to go to the Grammys this year! I got to go a couple years ago but haven't been back since. We were doing our traveling plans, and the boss is pretty open to most of us going. I'm in a good position anyway because it's my turn. So without it being 'official' it looks like I'm going to get to go.

Has anyone seen any good movies? The SO and I were talking about catching a flick this weekend. I wouldn't mind seeing Vanilla Sky, A beautiful mind and some others I can't think of. Robert already saw LOTR, and I'm not in a hurry to see it.

I hope everyone has a beautiful and peaceful thursday
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I would love to go to the Grammy's - what a great job you have airprincess! I am having a horrible day! I didn't sleep all night as the husband has a major sinius infection and was snoring so loud I could hear him in the basement (I tried to escape there to sleep). I think I got all of a 1/2 hr of sleep last night! I am a little cranky today! I get to work today & I have to deal with a fairly new co-worker in a crying fit over an abusive call she rec'd from a client. To top it all off, I spent all of yesterday thinking it was Thursday! I got home from work yesterday all eager for Survivor just to have my husband say it was only Wednesday. I twisted my ankle & I want to go home to bed! (Ok - I'll stop whining now). Other then that I doing great!:tounge2:
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Yippee! Skipee! It's THURSDAY !!!! Survivor Africa

(a friend of mine>who shall remain tuneless<used to call after Survivor so we could "dish the dirt", but now she has Mod Squad duties. . )

Not much on here. It is very cold, but no snow. Do we have members in the South who got snow for the first time they can remember? How neat that must be ! especially for kids
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The Grammys?!? Where's the "jealous" smilie when I need it? I get worked up if I'm going to the mall.

Movies, hmm. Well, I finally rented Planet of the Apes. To me it wasn't anywhere near as good as the original, but I guess that's because the original was exactly that: original.

I saw Vanilla Sky last week. It was not a thing like what I was expecting based on the commercials. Had a little bit better of a heads-up after seeing Tom Cruise on Oprah. Some people said that they didn't like it because they didn't understand the ending. I thought the ending was crystal clear; out there, but clear. Maybe I am missing something.

It's a rainy, cold day here in beautiful sunny Florida. My vacation is quickly winding its way down to nothing. Where did all the time go? Beats me.
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hey Darlene, expect a call from me tonight!
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Is it really only thurs? I was thinking it was fri. I got a whole 'nother day before the weekend, what shall I do with it? hmmm. . .

I took some melatonnin for sleeping last night. It did make me sleepy, but it was also hard getting up this morning. I wonder if valerian would be better? I think it has less affect in the morning, but it doesn't make me as sleepy at night. Anyway, I slept way late this morning. My poor daughter!

The sink got clogged the other night. It's a double sink with a disposal and a dishwasher, so the water backed up all over the place. Tried drano and it didn't work. Hubby got the bright idea to fix it himself, and we ended up with water all over the place. Now I need to call the apartment complex and explain that they need to rush out here because I can't cook and I have a sink full of dirty dishes (except the ones I washed in the bathroom), but I waited this long to call them because I slept so late. Hope they come.
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AP..you be careful now...remember what happened to Little Red Riding Hood on her way to Grammy's and the wolf from the MJ thread is still missing.

So who are you picking? Let's see a list folks. Who's hot and who's not?
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Apparently MJ is missing as well, but I noted when I rented the video that he is alive and well and currently living in the new Planet of the Apes movie.

If that one actress doesn't look like him, I'll eat my hat.
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On the homefront, my new kitty is still pretty timid and shy. She did come up to eat, and wander about a bit. She is pretty friendly, but still seems a bit stand offish with us. I think she knows there is another cat in the house and is very uneasy. As is Sunshine.

Oh, we decided to name her Cymone. The female of Simon ( except spelled a bit different ), in honor of my little angel kitty.

Hope everyone is having a nice Thursday.
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That's so sweet of you Daniela ,

It sounds like she's still getting used to her new environment. I've found that if I held a new arrival close to me they will trust you quicker...but I know you have your handsfull with the kids...well, maybe when naptime rolls around you can scoop her up with you I'm sure she'll be fine real soon

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Cat, she has been held today and seems to enjoy it. She doesn't like sitting with me, but if I pick her up and am standing then she'll purr up a storm. :tounge2:
She is sooooo sweet ( even the hubby seems to like her )
I got a good pic of her tonight. I think I'll upload it to ofoto.com and post it.....
I'll email you later on girl..
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