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My cat Ebony!

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Here is my 3 year old cat Ebony

I will post pictures of her kitten shortly and also my other cat Scampy
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She's gorgeous!
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Awww thanks!

Here she is again with her kitten Lenny - 5 weeks old

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adorable...they are so cute together!
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aww lovely!!!
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They're beautiful! What gorgeous eyes they have!
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Absolutely wondefuls boths!!! soo precious!!! ..
thanks for share!
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Mom and baby are SO cute together!
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Aww so cute..
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Awwwwwww thanks so much all - yes they are so precious to me...all my cats are and I would have many more if I had the time and space!

Ebony is such a good mummy to Lenny...she went through such a hard time during the birth and Lenny was the only kitten that survived so...he is extra special
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