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Previous stray eats too fast and vomits..

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Hi all,
I know there are solutions to kits throwing up when they eat too fast.
I do remember raising the bowl idea, but how high? So he has to stand up?

Rocky eats his meals (twice a day) as if they were his last meal on earth and then pushes Lovey out of the way for the last bit of his.

The BF was initially taking Lovey's away and putting it on the table for Lovey for later until I told him he couldn't favour Lovey...

But anyway, he just scarfs it down and then it comes up usually within 15 minutes and then if there is any left, he goes back to eating...
Its just undigested food that he spits up.

It doesn't happen all the time either.

Tx for any tips!
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My Andy used to do this very frequently - he still does it on occasion. The only thing that worked for him was time and love - he now knows he definately knows where is next meal is coming from. But it took at least 4 months before he finally got this.
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My Loki did that for about 6 months until he realized there was food there all the time and no need to worry - I feed him dry which is availabel 24/7 and 1/2 small can of wet 2 x a day.

You might want to feed him several smaller meals and sit with him while he is eating praising all along if he eats slower.
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Thanks guys!
Will try feeding him smaller amounts in intervals.
He was upon first arrival so maybe it was too fast to feed him "normally" in two bigger meals.

I don't know if a bigger pan would work but I could try that. Sounds like a good idea but I don't know if he would just get faster at gobbling

Hopefully he will just settle down and relax and know he isn't going to starve anymore
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It takes a while. Nano still gets very anxious if her foodbowl goes empty or is taken away, but she rarely snarfs down her food (and vomits) anymore.

When I rescued her, Nano was in an emaceated condition and down to 5 lbs. Practically skin and bones. She is a large girl and would look very fit and lean at 12 lbs...so you get the idea. Nano currently weighs 14 lbs and has some jiggle, but her current condition is far preferable to how she looked six months ago.
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I would recommend elavating the bowl just to slow Lovey down.... When i did this with Zoey who was feral it worked...
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There are two problems here. One is eating so fast that he barfs. Sam still does this, if dinner is half an hour late, he gobbles it down then upchucks. Raising the bowl definitely helped. I put it on the lower shelf of a little plant stand - so he does have to stand up to eat, although he eventually tucks his back end under. But he doesn't lean his head down very far to eat, and his neck is extended.

The second is eating every scrap of food in sight. My Bailey did that for about 4 months (she was a rescued stray). The only thing I could do was to make sure that the dish always had something in it. She stopped pushing Sam out of the way to finish his food after about 3 months, and then would walk away, leaving food in her bowl another month after that.

Now, she is a spoiled little beggar, and lets me know if the kibble in her bowl has been there for more than an hour, because you know, kibble goes stale very very quickly. That is, when it's in a bowl. Kibble that has been on the floor behind the feeding station can be eaten weeks later with no problem.
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