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i don't know if this is the place to put this but here goes my question. I have two cats a male and a female both fixed. lately there has been this other stray cat hanging outside of the apt. Yesterday morning i woke up and walked in the kitchen and it smelled of cat spray. This morning i wake up and the scent was in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and my bedroom. all places where there is a window. The only place the smell was not in was my brothers bedroom. i tried to smell around my room in areas my babies sleep or hang out in but could not track down the odor. I lit an incense which seemed to make the odor go away. Could it be that the other cat is spraying aroudn the outside of my apt and the scent is coming in. or that one of my cats is doing it. And how would i be able to find where they are doing it. I have had one cat for over a year and the other for about 4 months, and never had this problem.
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If it was your cat doing it you would find the wet spots as well as smell the odor. Chances are it's the outside cat spraying around your windows.

I'd like to know, too, if others here have any good advice on keeping the stray cat away.
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i didn't see any wet spots and could not locate the smell but yesterday morning the smell was soo strong in the kitchen and we had left out screen door and window open that night.
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The other thing is that since you said your guy was fixed, his urine shouldn't smell that strong. More evidence it's the outside cat.
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If you want to make sure a black light is excellent for detecting cat spray and marking. However, realize it also detects many other high protein content fluids as well.
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Is there any chance that the outside cat got inside the house?
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