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My cat has a 107 fever! What does that mean!?

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So, my mom just called and just got back from the vet (I had to work so she took him for me).

Silas has a 107 degree fever, and was severely dehydrated. The doctor injected fluid, and gave him an antibiotic shot.

I have to give him 1 antibiotic pill a day, along with this paste stuff that is high in nutrients and calories until he starts eating on his own (My mom said he really likes it).

They don't know what is wrong yet, I have to call tonight to get the results of the blood test. I'm really scared? Thats like 7 hours away! Has this happened to anyone else? I know you are not vets, but at least I could be prepared for some of the possibilities. It's not feline lukemia, he was tested for that.

He's only 3 years old! Poor little guy.

Oh, and can cats catch human sicknesses? Like the flu or colds?
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They can't catch cold/flu from humans i know that much.

Keep looking in and someone will try and help
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there's no certainty until the blood test comes back and also have him tested for corona virus/FIP.
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Got new? In the mean time good healing thoughts to your baby!!
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My Princess has gotten sick like that many times. Her vet did all kinds of lab work only to show that there was evidence of leukemia or AIDS. She was tested for those about a year earlier and was fine so I couldn't figure out how she could of got it. The vet ran a few different tests and everything came back normal (no leukemia or AIDS). Then all of a sudden she was fine. To this day there was no definate proof what was wrong with her. The vet figured it was just a virus. This has happened several times with her and each time it turns out fine.

I hope your kitty starts feeling better really soon
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Just an update:

Silas is doing great! The blood tests came back inconclusive, but he did have a lowered white blood cell count. The doc said this is either FIV, or just a virus. He said to keep an eye on him.

That night Silas was more his usual self. He slept alot. He even slept next to me the WHOLE night, which he never usually does. By the day after that, he was back to 100%, and is still doing great.

Looks like it was just a virus or something.
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That's wonderful news..
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