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I'm so worried.

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This morning I couldn't find my cat Silas (3yrs old). My new cat, The Ninja (10mos) was around and meowing as usual for his breakfast (wet cat food) but Silas was nowhere to be seen, which is very unusual. So after searching I found him curled up on the floor in a corner. He was breathing very fast, but not panting. He wouldn't get up, he just laid there and didn't move. I was petting him, and he seemed to like that. Then I thought maybe a treat would help, and I opened a can of wet cat food, and split it in half on two plates as usual. He never came over to the kitchen. I brought the food over to him and he just sniffed it and then laid his head down. THAT is when I started freaking out. He's the one that gets so excited over wet food that he tries to jump on the counter when I open the can!

I'm really scared there is something wrong with him! I'm at work now, and my mom is going and picking him up and is probably at the vet with him right now.

I just changed cat litters, from regular to multi-cat. Same brand tho. I haven't changed his diet, but I got a new cat two weeks ago. They have been getting along GREAT. Silas does clean The Ninja tho. But The Ninja had a full check up before I got him. I dunno I'm scared.

But than again maybe its a hairball and I'm just being a paranoid Mom. I hope.
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Okay so now I'm really worried. I'll repost what happened on the board so 'cause it seems that no one is paying attention to this one
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Because of time differences a lot of people are at work etc... but they will get back to you.

The main thing is your mums taking the cat to the vet, because although you can get some really sound advice from some of our members they can't see the cat, so the best place is the vet in an emergency.

Let us know what happens.
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