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I recently found a small kitten out by the dumpster at work. I've been in touch with furkids.org which is based out of Atlanta and they are willing to loan me some traps to help catch this little guy, and possibly his/her brother and sisters. However, I am looking for someone in Georgia, fairly local to me, which I live in Gwinnett, that might be willing to foster these guy's. I will copy and paste and the email correspondense so everyone has a better understanding. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me if you think you would be willing to help. I am hoping to go today and get these traps.


Me- Hello. My name is Alicia and I'm not excatly sure what specifically to
ask, but I am hoping you can help, or may be able to offer me advice.
While taking the trash out at my current job the other night, over near
my car I spotted a solid black kitten crying as loud as it could that
couldn't be more than 8 weeks old. I attempted to approach it, but it
bolted before I could hardly blink an eye. Going back today, I asked the
girl working if she had seen him/her or any other's, and she told me
she heard what she thought were 2 kittens crying. I myself cannot keep
one or even more or them, but they are not in a very good location. I
believe they are living in a field between us and the bank, and it's
within feets of a major highway. I've heard of "humane traps", and being
able to catch them. Do you offer these? And, would you be able to take
them if I managed to catch them? I hate knowing they are out there, and I
hate even more that I can feel like I can help them, but I don't know
what to do. Even if I do catch them, I hate to take the to animal control
because it isn't a no-kill shelter. If you do not practice in this type
of capture or help, I am also hoping you might be able to point me in
the right direction. Thank you so much for your time.

Response- Hi, Alicia
Yes, we do loan out humane traps, but not to be used for cats that are
being taken to the pound. So, we are happy to loan these to you. Do you
know anyone that might be willing to foster these kittens? We can offer
all the financial resources needed for vetting, food, etc. We can help
with working with the kittens and preparing them for adoption and then
be responsible for their marketing and adoption. All that is needed is
a safe place for them to go temporarily.
Do you think you know someone who might be willing to open a room up in
their home or a bathroom for a little while for these little ones?
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Sorry that I can't help out myself, Alicia, but have you tried contacting alleycats.org? They have groups all over the country. Also, you might try contacting area veterinarians or maybe even some teen girls in your area to see if you can find someone who will open their heart & home. Maybe you could try a post for "board vibes" in the Cat Lounge forum - there's about 50X more exposure in that forum, and I've seen some posts get near-miracle results and right now, those poor little kittens need a miracle (actually another miracle, since Heaven already sent you along - a person who will actually take the time & effort to stop & help). I will light a candle for you, Alicia!! God Bless, Susan
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