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Worming question

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I just registered here, it looks like a good site.

Anyway, my problem is that my kitten went to the vets on Monday and was given a booster jab and a worming tablet (I didnt think he had worms it was just routine). This morning he did a poo and there were what appeared to be dead worms in it?? I have looked at pics on the internet and I think they were roundworms, they were not moving and I have never seen any signs of them before.

I thought that maybe that's what the de-wormer does?? Kills the worms and they come out in the poo, but I have no idea if this is right? Can you help me? I dont want to bother my vet, if its just the treatment working correctly.

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It means the treatment is working. You want the worms outside your cat, not inside. Look for her to vomit them up as well. Be sure and scrub out your litterpans with bleach and hot water several times a week as this elimination of parasites continues. Roundworms sometimes takes more than one application of meds to get rid of. They are quite persistent.

You would be wise in a few days to run a fecal to your vet for a check-
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You're right. Treatment working correctly. Did the vet mention a follow-up? It's recommended that either a second deworming or a fecal test for worms be done after two or three weeks. The dewormer only kills adult worms. It doesn't kill larvae. So the follow-up is to make sure there aren't any more worms.
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Oh thats great, thanks so much! I thought it may be, but I couldnt find any info on it anywhere. I'm not sure if he was wormed before I got him actually, I have only had him for a month or so. Will the worms keep coming out for a few days then?

Thanks for the advice.
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He is being neuteured next week so I will definitely tell the vet and ask about a follow up, thanks for the help!
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