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My kitty almost died

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Last Friday I noticed that my Maincoon male looked sick. Tigger is 8 years old and has never been sick in his life so I did't think much of it. I waited to see but early in the evening I had to leave the house. I got back home late and when I came in I saw Tigger looked even worse. At that point a freaked out! I rushed him to the emergency room, his urine had crystalized. I had never heard of this before in my life. To make a long story short, after $1500 he came home last night. The vet told me I need to keep him on a special diet, he gave me Prescription Hills Diet. The thing is that I've heard bad things about this food? My sister, who is very involved in the dog world, told me about holistic food, like Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul. A friend of hers, who's a breeder, told her that one of her cats had this problem and she never gave him Science Diet afterwards, she gave him Chicken Soup and her cat has never has this problem again. I wanted to hear if any of you has gone through this and what you fed your cat afterwards.
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I am sure you will get some good advice from people who have had the same problem. Maybe you can start by calling the vets office, and asking if there is a more natural food that will provide for Tigger's needs. Also get more info on why they like Hills.

Garfield's Momma was named Tigger! Welcome to The Cat Site!
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I'm so sorry to hear that. You must have been worried. Good wishes for prompt return to health.
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I had a male cat when I was young with the same problem, was placed on special food(can't remember what it was, but it came from the vet) and he was given a pill everyday for the rest of his life. He lived a full and happy life with the treatment!!!
Hugs being sent your way for you and your kitty.
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My vet just recently told me she sees a lot of cats with that problem that are on a Fancy Feast diet and although Bijou loves Fancy Feast, I have stopped feeding it. Fortunately, I had just recently started giving him Fancy Feast so it wasn't so difficult to stop - now he only gets Performatrin dry and wet.
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Sorry to hear about your kitty.

i feed Hobbes Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul (light version). He loves it, and it really doesn't cost that much compared to the regular brands like Iams/Science diet. i like the fact that they use all natural ingredients. His coat seems to be shinier and he doesn't get hungry easily. For wet food i feed him Meow Mix wet pouches 2-3 times a week. Surprisingly the quality for their wet food seems pretty good considering the low price.
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