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Meowing in kittens

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I have two 3 month old siblings. When they are hungry the boy yells like crazy but the girl rarely makes any sounds. Only when I feed them fish she'll squeeze smth out. It's just a small sound. When we were at the vet and he was giving them their shots she screamed like crazy. Could it be that she's just not a talkative cat or could it hurt her to meow? The boy even when I call him by his name will make a sound but not her. When they play he always makes noise but not her.

Thanks for the input.
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im far from an expert but ill give u my opinion, is she eating and drinking ok cuz in my opinion if it hurts to meow then it would hurt her to eat and drink (correct me if im wrong) so if she eating and drinking fine shes probably just quiet my 2 day old kitten is quiet while the other 2 arnt but ive only got 2 days to go on
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I have two three month old siblings, too. Both female. Annie is deaf, and meowmys REALLY loud, Mirah can meow loud when she wants to, but most the time, she'll motion to meow, and little to nothing will come out. She's done it since birth. It's not that it hurts her, she just isn't talkative. She's trying to tell you something "politely."
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Thank you very much for your responses. She does appear to be more of a polite kitty than her brother.

PS CJandBilly, how did you find out that one of your girls is deaf?
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Originally Posted by KatieLV
PS CJandBilly, how did you find out that one of your girls is deaf?
She attacked and rode on the vaccum cleaner.
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