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Can you guys help me figure this one out?

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Ok, on my new ones adoption papers this is what it says:
1 year old spayed female. Calico Tiger.

Now, I know what a calico looks like. And I know what a Tiger kitty looks like. But I am suddenly confused. Is a tiger just another name for a tabby?? And has anyone ever heard of a mix like this??

She is very multicolored. She doens't really have a "pattern" of colors either like tiger would I think. But she also does not just have the calico markings. She is like a MUTT!!!

Anyway, I was just wondering if maybe this is a misprint and she is just a calico....although she doesn't look exactly like that either. I'll have to post a pic so you can give me your opinion on this. I'll take one today....promise.

In the meantime....is a tabby and a tiger the same?? and can there be a calico tiger mix???:tounge2:
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My Missy is a calico tabby She has stripes on her face and chest but on her back she has calico patches. Can't wait to see a pic of your baby
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Melissa, that is exactly what she looks like! Her face has some stripes, but her back and legs/paws are calico patches.
Oh thank god, she isn't a mutt after all!!!!!!!!!!:tounge2:
At least I know there is at least one other feline that looks like this!!!
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Daniela :daisy:
She sounds gorgeous I can't wait to see her

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She is hiding again, so I am not having luck snapping a photo. I'll get her though, don't you worry Cat!!!
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Great, I'm ready for a kitty sammich! :laughing2 :laughing2

Love ya... (I'm soooo excited for you and your family!)
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Heres a few pics of my Missy..you can see the patches on her back in the xmas one..
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Heres another.. does your kitty look anything like her Daniela?
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Those are such cute pics! Is Missy on the left side of the white kitty with patches? Or is Missy the white one? I'm a little confused here The darker kitty looks like a tabby, but I can't see her back real good. On the other pic, I can't see it cause I'm so dang blind! haha!

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Missy is the Tabby on the left. She's 3/4 tabby, but has a calico section on her lower back, you can see it a little better in the top picture. The white kitty with black spots is my little Gyspy- shes an attention hog, so shes usually in almost every pic I take of my cats
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Oh, I gotcha, I had to put my binoculars on (getting old girl!) Now I see what you mean...Yeah, I know all about attention hogs...haha Opie is definitely a ham! Well, both of them are adorable...
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Melissa, well she is similar but I think mine has more calico and less tabby. The only "tabby striping" she has is on her face. The rest of her is mostly calico.
Your kitties are gorgeous!! I love those photos.

I just finally managed to snap a good shot tonight so I will download it and get it on here this evening....so look out!!
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One word for the coloring would be torbie or if I could see a good picture, she would be a "whatever color" parti. A torbie is a mixture of a tortise shell (multi patches of color without white) and a tabby (tiger) pattern.
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Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. She had blotches of black/grey stripes and red/orange stripes, with white chest, stomach, and paws. I've been trying to figure out what to call her--Thanks.
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Hey Michelle :angel2:

Wow! Where ya been girl! Hope your holidays were just what you wanted them to be

What a pretty baby your foster kitty is She looks like she's part calico and tabby too! I like the name Tess/Tessy, it's cute!
Good to see ya!

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I was so weighted down by all the turkey and Christmas cookies I ate that I couldn't reach the computer . I got one of the things I wanted for Christmas--Tessie the Terror didn't unplug my computer and printer again whuile I was at the in-law's. She has the mischief of 2 cats, a tabby and a calico combined. I never know what I'll find when I go into her room.
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Hi Michelle :angel2:
Aww...haha I just took another look at her pic..her eyes look like they're a sea-green color...they're sooo pretty!

Tell me about eating! hahaha For the first time in I don't know how long I actually broke down and ate some "real" food!!!! OMG! That stuffing's addictive...Hey, it was great and if I could've eaten more, I think I would've brought a trench coat over my brothers and stuffed the pockets with it! :laughing2

I'm glad you're having so much fun with Tess! She sounds so playful. I decided today that I was getting one more kitten and that'll make ten and that'll be my limit! :laughing2 At least I hope so. I'm going to try to save one somewhere...it's just hard for me to go into shelters. Actually, I wouldn't come out with one. That's the problem! :laughing2....So, I guess I'll just look around some dumpsters or call a few friends that do rescues...Hey, that's a good idea. I'll do that tomorrow! Thanks for thinking of that! :laughing2
Take care Michelle! It's good to see ya back!

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Cat....how's the dumpster crawling going?
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