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please help me

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i really need advice i am sunk
my 8 month old kitten had kittens2 wks ago besides beeing so young she is a verry small cat all 4 kittens were alive and healthy and she has turned out to be a verry good mother I have begun to notice that the last born has had slite neck problumes that seem to be getting worse when i hold it up right in my hands i can slowly straighten the head and it dosnt indicat pain but as soon as it is put down or not held it rolls on its back and the neck curls into a 90 degree angle to its body i have noticed that it is almost allways on its back even when nursing or wiggling into litter the other 3 kittens have eyes open and are begining to crawl and investiguate they are very loud this little one by comparison seems lethargic and quiet it is gaining weight and dosnt seem sick so i hate to take such a tiny thing to a vet so i have turned to you if any one has hade an experience like this how is it handled could the problume be from crowding inside the womb? thank you
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I think you are going to have to take it to the vets,If you think something is wrong you need to take it in incase it is a serious problem,good luck
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