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Well..... I just met one of my neighbors....

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OH she was a very nice lady, very petite and pretty but with a very long face I might add.

Mom yelled at me though and told me we couldnt feed her.

Haha, no, I am not talking about a person! I am talking about a cat.

Elliot was sitting on the cat tree looking outside, when all the sudden he hissed, so I squinted my eyes and looked outside, and saw a little cat! I went "hey kitty kitty" and made my meow sounds and it turned around and started talking back to me.

It seemed friendly so I made sure to keep the cats in the house and went outside. The cat was in the driveway and came up to me and rubbed on my legs, I was very careful and let her sniff my hands and then pet her gently so she wouldnt get scared, and to my surprise she just rolled on the ground to be petted. She looks to be about aerowyn's age, only a year or so, and in fact she isnt much larger than aerowyn.

I am thinking she lives also with three other cats I have seen around, a white one, a black one, and a tabby with a white belly and white from the elbows to the paws.

I saw her coming from our backyard going towards our front yard, so I am thinking she lives at this place called King berry, which is a little farm type place that grows different types of flowers and pumpkins and corn and things and sells them to people in town. I have seen the black cat bumming around there so I am sure she lives there too.

THe reason I think we see these cats is because our house is the only one on our side of the block that doesnt have a big fence bordering the back yard, so the cats go through our yard into the meadow and get mice and things.

She wasnt skinny at all, and she had no bites on her at all, I even think I saw a bit of a tummy waddle (When cats get spayed or neutered they get these) We really dont have any strays at ALL in town. We have two dog shelters, a dog/cat shelter, and an all cat shelter. Besides, all the times I have seen these cats they are coming from our backyard and going to the front yard. :O

I had to pick her up though because when I came outside she was lounging on our driveway, and as it was dark my mom and her boyfriend wouldnt have seen her when they came home. As it was it was about three minutes after I went outside that they came home.

First thing my mom said to me was "We aren't taking it in, we aren't feeding it, just forget about the stupid cat."

Sheesh. It wasnt like I was like: OMG MOM LETS FEED THIS CAT AND MAKE IT OURS!!! It was obvious that the cat has a good home, I was just showing her the cat and then I was going to put her down so she could go home. I'm sorry but sometimes my mom is such a :censored: (I hope that smilie came out I dont know if that is the right code)

and blah blah blah I know some people will lecture me about picking up the cat (though I did it so she wouldnt get run over), and I made sure to thuroughly wash my hands when I got inside before I even thought of petting my kitties. My mom's boyfriend's mother keeps barn cats so I know pretty much how to act around a strange/stray/ maybe feral cat.

It was an interesting meeting anyways. In missouri there were stray cats and dogs everywhere, and I always wanted to take everyone of them in. Seriously though, there are like, no stray animals in my town which is good.

Edit: I think this is in the right place, I am not trying to catch her or any strays, and this is not an SOS post, but sorry if it is in the wrong place.
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I think this is just delightful and interesting to read...your take on this "meeting"! Thank you for sharing!
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I like to know the animals in the neighborhood just in case one of them runs away or something like that. We have all dogs on our street though, unless someone is hiding cats somewhere :O THeres a german sheperd, a boxer, a chihuaha, a fluffly little white thing like a poodle, a golden retriever, a black lab, and a schnauzer. Everyone else has kids...

I "met" the Boxer once too, when his owner opened the door and he got out.. He headed straight for the cats and sniffed them while the cats sat there, and then aerowyn ran 20 feet up a tree while elliot jumped two feet up a tree that was right next to him and held on for dear life. It was funny
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I love meeting the neighbour hoods pets. There is the most lovely Red cat up the road from me. I haven't seen her all holidays. *sigh*
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It's always nice to meet new neighbors. You are lucky it was a friendly one too!
My kitties are not very neighborly but I get visitors once in a while.
Here's Wawa and the neighbor's "unspayed" cat. You can tell Wawa is not happy (his puffed tail and spiked back hair) she is so near the perimeter wall.
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That's a cute pic yayi! My desexed cat Elmo doesn't let any other kitties on the property.
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Aww.. that is such a cute picture... looks more likehe was meeting his girlfriend adn was mad you caught him
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I love meeting the neighbours cats too! Charlie is our new friend here - he comes around a lot! (such a cutie pie! ) Tibby and Molly don't feel the same way about him though!

Yayi, that picture is great! Wawa doesn't look too pleased at all! yet your visitor seems pretty calm!
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Awww i think it's lovely as well!

Theres a black cat in my street who is well looked after and comes over to me for scritches if i'm coming home from work. She's so friendly that i even saw her early one sunday morning when the milkman was doing his rounds rolling on her back.

She was obviously screaming for a tummy rub so he obliged

Yayi love that picture
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