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Still Concerned for Holly

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Okay, I may be a bit of a neurotic hypochondriac but I want to see if you guys think these stitches look normal: (since this is a family forum, and for her privacy, her breast has been censored... this is NOT girls gone wild!)

I blew up the photo and all stitches are there and in tact, although this photo may not show that. But is the rest of the wound supposed to look like that or could it be getting infected???
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It looks fine to me. How long ago was it done? once the stitches are out it will finish healing, but till then the areas where the stitches are will look a little red.
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Her spay was one week ago tomorrow. She was pulling on her stitches (see previous thread) but I made her an e-collar last night and so far as I've seen she hasn't done it since.

Poor little humiliated girl! I can't wait until those things come out and she can get back to life!
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They are healing so they are starting to itch, but it will all be over soon.
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Looks good to me...nicely healing incision!
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Thanks guys... I was a trite worried over how it pooches out a bit. I've never had an incision wound so I don't know! But... I've always hated the thought of having stitches, EW!

Um... Maybe from now on I should stick with little boy kitties!!! I have such a weak stomach I won't even be able to take the stitches out myself.
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Hey Sooz123 (and thanks for the email)!!

It looks GOOD! Poor lil Holly, bless her heart. But again, you've done right by her and even with your weak stomach, you've held up remarkably well. Good job! It'll all be over very, very soon. Just take a deep breath and don't forget to exhale. *grin*

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Soooooooooooo RELIEVED!!!

Holly got her stitches out today... and got her horrible cone removed!

We originally took her to the spay/neuter clinic- against my better judgement but hubby insisted because it was 1/3 the cost- to have it done. A week later I'm hearing all kinds of HORROR stories about them cutting up their babies!!! ACCKKK!

So, I took her to Mika's vet to have the stitches removed & make sure it looked A-OK. He only charged $20 A worthwhile investment even if the spay/neuter clinic would've done it for free. I wouldn't have cared if he charged 10X that, I wanted someone I trusted to look it over.

Oh, how she squirmed & screamed! His poor assistant got the brunt of her scratches (she's not comfortable with us enough yet to let me clip her nails). When we went to pay I was shaking I was so upset... and for a few seconds I saw stars like I was about to pass out!

But, I thought ya'll would like to know he said her incision looked fine, she's gained weight since her surgery, and she's already back to fighting Mika for the top perch of the cat tree

They did notice what I thought, that Holly is particularly "petite"... her paws are soooooooo small. Mika looks like a lion in comparison!

So yay! It's ALL OVER... THANK GOD!!!
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