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New Kitten won't let me sleep!

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Hello everyone,
I have a 5 month old kitten (shorthair) who is very lovable and just loves attention. She's up to date on shots, etc. Still has all claws.

I've had a couple cats in my life, and she is by far the sweetest I've seen. Anyway, there are two behaviors I've noticed that I'd like to change.

1) Excessive biting of hands and toes. This usually comes after petting and playing. I understand that this is just from too much stimulation, and this is something that will go away some. I've been just getting her to a point where she's frisky and leaving her alone. Anything else I can try?

2) Sleeping! She has been sleeping great all night on my bed. Every single morning at 6:45am she will come up to my face, start licking, meowing a little, and bumping heads. It's nice and also driving me nuts. It's the same time every morning. She just wants to play at that time, and will wake up the house to do so. Suggestions?


- Eric
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Welcome Eric!

She sound very sweet! For the biting and nipping, that is her way of expressing affection for you like you were another cat. As for the wake up call - can't really help you there - my cats have me trained to get up at the same time ever to feed them - once a cat is on a certain schedule, they don't like to change it much! Good luck.
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Thanks for the response. Why did she have to pick 6:45?! Just a half an hour later. Okay, so I just need to deal.

Also, something else I have a question on. I haven't had a cat for about 8 years. My last cat was 21 when he passed away, and moving and travelling kept me from owning another.

It seems that in the past years, I've developed a minor allergy to cats. Only when I'm really up close to her, I'll get the itchy eyes, sniffling, etc. Rubbing her and then my eyes produces some real irritiation.

Will this be something that I'll get used to and will go away? Anyone else had this happen? There's no way she's leaving, so I'll have to adapt.

- Eric
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Eric, I am also allergic to cats (I know - why do you own 5 then? I ask myself). I am use to my cats' dander. It helps if you bath them. I only have problems with other peoples cats now. In time you should develop an immunity. I did.
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Dani Night Stalker and I have "bonded" she's decided I'm softer to sleep on than here bed (if I'm sleeping on the sofa). And my bed's better than her's if I'm asleep in my bed. However, sleeping in my bed makes her think I should get up at 4:30 a.m. and play with her.

It's had to sleep through face licks. That sofa's starting to look really good. Excuse me while I take my cat nap -- the time you get to sleep during the day 'cause the cat woke you up at night

JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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Arizona is also an "alarm clock kitty". She generally just yells into my face until I open my eyes and look at her.
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Congrats on your new addition. I have two that were born Aug 27th. Pinky in particlar did the biting the hands things also. Although she doesn't now.

I am not sure if she understood or just graduated to licking But, here is what I did.

I would hide my hands from her when she started to bite and softly say "ouch". I'd wait a few moments then try petting again. If she bit again I just kept repeating. "Ouch" and taking away my hands.

Now she will just open her mouth like she is going to bite, and then starts licking.

Regarding the morning wake up call, I've heard that some folks will close the bedroom off to the cats at night (that will never happen at my house) to prevent such awakenings. I am not suggesting you do that, only I have heard that done.

Again, congrats and enjoy your new babe.
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My cat is 7 months old and she would get me up at least every 3 hours and if she was ignored she'd bite my ears. I tried closing the bedroom door but she just started crashing things in the living room to get me up. So, I started putting her in her crate at night and now she'll sleep until my alarm clock goes off. She lays right down when we go to sleep and is all purrs and snuzzles in the morning.
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My 13 year old Fred wakes me up every morning a 7:30. He will start out with "kitty loves" on my face, then he will walk around on which ever side happens to be up. If I am on my back, he goes right for the bladder and starts kneading. If that still doesn't work, he nips my nose or pulls my eyebrow ring. I have never won the getting up arguement with him. He always wears me down. He has me trained to get up and be done with it. If I go back to bed, he will act like I am supposed to feed him again when I get up. I love my kitties!
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My 8 1/2 month old, Jinxy wakes me up the same times every night. Once at 3:30 am and again at 5:30 am. He taps his paws on my face over and over until I open my eyes. At 3:30 am I just grab him, pull him down real close to me and pet him until he falls back to sleep. It always works. At 5:30 am I try the same thing. Sometimes it works, and sometimes he will not leave me alone. There is no way I'm getting up at 5:30 am to feed him so I just ignore him and after a while he jumps off of my bed and goes donwstairs to eat. Always leave some kibble in their bowl so they can do this.

- Jacquie
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