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dry skin

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My 6 year old cat Annie has developed a dry strip on her back that runs from the base of her neck to her tail. Her coat(the dry area only)feels very coarse, almost matted. I had her shaved last summmer but since the hair has grown back it is starting to feel coarse again in that area. Any suggestions???
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Well, the first thing you might want to try is a omega fatty acid suppliment. If after a month it does not help, get to the vet and have it looked at. It can indicate anything from an allergy to a thyroid problem.
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Where would I find the omega fatty acid? Would it be something to put in her food?
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Most pet stores carry the suppliment. The one I use is called 3V caps. I pop a hole in the capsule and put it on the food. They really like it, so its not a big deal. I get it through http://www.kvvetsupply.com.
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