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nighttime and potties......

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How many times do you get up and use the restroom at night?
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Some nights not at all, but usually once, occasionally twice.
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i chose none, but i do need to go at about 9ish am and then go back to bed but thats only when i drank something before i went to bed
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I get up at least 2 times...i feel like every time i wake up that i have to go...and what really irriates me is when i have to go right before my alarm goes off!!!
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Leave it to you to ask a question like this Susie!

To answer your question... once in a while I have to get up to go, but for the most part I don't.
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I hardly ever wake up and use the bathroom. I usually go before I go to sleep and right when I wake up.
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Once maybe twice... Twice only if I drink soda before I go to bed
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All depends on if I've had an alcoholic beverage ... or two!
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(We need a smiley that says "funny thread") This is just hilarious. I don't think anyone has ever asked me that before, and now that I think of it I guess 1-2 times depending. But mostly I don't remember when I get up to peeeeeeee....I'm a heavy sleeper.
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I typically wake up really early in the morning and need to pee - like around 6am, and I go back to bed.
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I can't even remember having a nice, unbroken, restful sleep. I ALWAYS have to get up and pee.
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Interesting thread. I usually don't wake up but when I do I hate it! I do not like my sleep disturbed!! lol and when I do, like yasmine said, it's right before I'm supposed to get up!
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Once I reached a (cough cough) certain age at least once.
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I hope I'm still a long way from that "certain age", but I haven't had any kids yet either - I understand pregnancy wreaks havoc on your bladder muscles!
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I always have to go about a half hour before my alarm goes off and I hate that! I usually go to bed pretty late and don't sleep that many hours, so if you are counting the time when normal people go to bed I'd say twice a night.
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At least twice! *sigh* But when I'm wake I go pretty much every hour. I can't live without fluids!
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My sleep goes uninterrupted. When I have to use the restroom it means I'm up for the day.
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I go before bed and when I get up, so i don't need to go during the night!
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I've put once, but thats if i've drank too much juice.
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Usually once, and at the moment it drives me nuts as when I get up the kittens think it's play time so at 3am I have two purring bundles of fur trying to get me to play!!
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Usually not at all, but occasionally once.
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Depends on the amout of liquids before bedtime. Most times the cats wake me up during the night and then I might as well get up and use the bathroom!! Then the infamous wake up again about a 1/2 hr before the alarm is due to go off too.
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Rarely, and if I do, I don't even wake up, just when I do get up in the morning, i have cramps because I need to badly!
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Thanks to threads like this I'm learning things about all of you that I don't know about my family and friends.

Usually get up once during the night and am lucky if I don't trip over any cats who think it's morning and time to eat!
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I said 2, but really it's 1-2 times. Its a wonder I get any sleep, though. For instance last night - get up to drink water, get up to drink water, get up to pee, get up to clean up a hairball from the carpet (amazing how these things will wake you up), stay up for awhile to pet Tripod and make sure he's ok. Get up to drink water, get up to pee - a few minutes before the alarm clock goes off, get up to hit snooze...and then GET UP.

At least I didn't have foot cramps last night!
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At least once a night... more often it's twice or three times.
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I chose once ... but if I have been out the night before or if I have had a lot to drink during the evening then it might be twice!

I have learnt to not tred on Guinness during my midnight stumbles to the bathroom!
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Twice if I drank a lot that day.
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I chose none because my sleep goes pretty much undisturbed. Very occasionally I wake up once or if I'm awake I make sure I go before getting back to sleep - but there is not much that wakes me up
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Originally Posted by lovemycodygirl
All depends on if I've had an alcoholic beverage ... or two!
Likewise . Or if it's "that time of the month"....I went, like, 4 times last night
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